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Petition for £60,000 to be granted by the government if NHS work causes the COVID related death of a non-NHS worker family member

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Slothsarecreepy Mon 08-Jun-20 16:27:04

I don't see this getting a lot of support at all. Nor do I think it would be possible to 'prove' that COVID was brought into the home by the NHS worker.

Lots of other issues to think of including what about other keyworkers? What magic money tree is this coming from? What about other infections NHS workers could bring home? Etc.

I haven't put it in petitions as think it's more a point of interesting discussion than looking for signatures, but happy for MNHQ to move it.

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pandafunfactory Mon 08-Jun-20 16:27:57

That's pointless. Impossible to evidence how Covid is contracted.

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