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Household bubbles

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Floralapron Mon 08-Jun-20 08:30:54

Is this going to be a thing here? I know they’ve done it in many other European countries, also NZ and Australia.
I think Guernsey have done it too.
I’d love to join up with one or two households and not have to social distance with those households too.
My parents are desperate to hug their grandchildren. And I would like to hug/kiss (anything else that’s allowed!) with my partner who I don’t live with.

Thanks in advance.

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Carycy Mon 08-Jun-20 08:39:58

Well it would only really work if all of you self isolated completely for a few weeks to be certain no one started the in bubble with Covid. Then nobody could go to work/school/nursery within that bubble. If you are capable of doing that fine. If your parents aren’t in a vulnerable category the I suppose it’s OK.

Most people have at least one household member going out to work or kid starting school soon so it would’nt work for them. So no I would not put my mum who is in her 70s at risk. I will continue to see here but social distance from her in the garden.

Floralapron Mon 08-Jun-20 08:53:18

@Carycy they were allowed to mix in household bubbles without self isolating in other countries.
I’m just hoping to see some light at the end of the tunnel here.

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Greenfairy2468 Mon 08-Jun-20 08:55:44

I've been wondering about this. I live alone and so does my partner. I've not had a hug or hand hold for nearly 3 months. I'm starting to struggle..

Discobar Mon 08-Jun-20 08:57:49

Can't see it being an official thing. Not now you can have 5 members from different households in your garden.

UnderTheBus Mon 08-Jun-20 09:04:52

We have just done this anyway - formed a "bubble" with my parents so they can play with their grandkids. It's not allowed, but we are all happy with the risk and who is going to stop us?

Oysterbabe Mon 08-Jun-20 09:38:21

Just do it. Sometimes you have to weigh things up and decide to break the rules.

Floralapron Mon 08-Jun-20 09:52:22

My parents like to ‘follow the rules’ so they won’t do anything until it’s officially allowed.

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Floralapron Mon 08-Jun-20 10:06:43

@Discobar so they just expect us not to see anyone indoors indefinitely?

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PaddlingPoolAgain Mon 08-Jun-20 10:16:18

It's awful, isn't it? I live alone so I'm supposed to go without seeing anyone for a coffee (nevermind a hug!) now the weather has turned so it's impractical to be outside.
It seems insane to think of restaurants opening whilst socially we're still supposed to keep apart from each other!

Carycy Mon 08-Jun-20 16:02:43

I’m not saying don’t do it. Just saying you are not technically in bubble if you are going to work etc. Its the physical contact that is the problem. I am seeing a few different friends so not really a bubble but social distancing from all. To me that makes more sense. I don’t think anyone is really sticking to the rules anymore so do what works for you and just accept there is some risk in everything.

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