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What are other countries doing post lockdown re contact with family/partners?

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Joey220 Sun 07-Jun-20 21:18:59

Hi, just wondering whether anyone know what’s happening in other countries as lockdowns ease in respect of seeing family and partners (without a 2 metre distance). There still seems to be little information over here as to when we may be able to socialise again with loved ones, the focus seems solely on getting the economy up and running again.

I have been separated from my fiancé now for 3 months and I’m finding it so hard. I have 2 children under 5 from a previous relationship who I live alone with currently. My partner also has 2 children so given the size of our houses, moving in together wasn’t an option at the start of lockdown. I’m starting to lose hope as to when we will be able to see each other again properly. I know we can see each other outside at a distance now but it’s not the same. It seems like there has been no consideration for those who live alone away from their long term partners. It’s really upsetting. Im struggling with working from home and looking after the kids (who are really demanding because of their age). My fiancé just wants to come and help me but it’s against the law now for him to be in my house which seems like total madness.

I can’t find anything online on what other countries have done in relation to allowing loved ones contact again (proper contact I mean). Surely this is allowed now in some other countries that have been affected as their lockdowns have been eased or is everyone still having to social distance from their loved ones? Does anyone know what’s happening in other countries to maybe give us a tiny glimmer of hope?

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CrumpetsAndPuzzles Sun 07-Jun-20 21:45:22

I know that in France it’s now allowed to meet friends and family indoors, and to have them stay over. Just like it was before lockdown. But weirdly, there’s never been a 2 meter rule, it’s always been 1 meter.

Bramblebear92 Sun 07-Jun-20 22:58:16

I wish we'd had a harsher lockdown if it would have allowed things to move along faster, as it has in a lot of other countries. I know from friends in France they had to show documentation if out for shopping or exercise! I'm glad we were allowed daylight etc. but I definitely tolerated things being harsher if they'd allowed us to get back a semblance of normality. I also think we live in a country that doesn't see social interaction and its impact on MH as a priority. Very sad really.

MaverickDanger Sun 07-Jun-20 23:04:42

DH’s family in Australia are basically back to normal. Back working in the office, albeit with measures, are allowed to socialise in each other’s houses etc. Restaurants have reopened but again, restricting numbers. It’s only really activities with large crowds that are restricted still.

Closing down the state worked so well, there were fewer than 10 deaths in total. PIL has to do the mandatory 14 day hotel quarantine which was hard but doable - lots of screening and testing at airports and offices which really kept numbers down.

JustTryingToGetThroughThis Sun 07-Jun-20 23:08:26

I'd squish in 1 house. For my MH.. No way would I spend that long away from my fiance.

Joey220 Sun 07-Jun-20 23:33:42

My mental health has definitely taken a beating. I don’t think either of us realised in March that lockdown would be for this long.

I’ll admit we broke lockdown a few weeks back when I was really struggling, everything was getting on top of me, and he And his kids came to stay with me. Neither of us had been going anywhere for weeks, having shopping delivered etc so minimal risk. However, my girls still see their dad twice a week and his partner is now back at work. Their dad also took the kids to see his parents (their grandparents) While they were with him last weekend who decided to hug and kiss them because they hadn’t seen them for months, and they have a frontline worker living with them (my daughters’ uncle). I thought the risk was too high because of their interactions then so my fiancé went back home. I’m really struggling again now though.

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Catsmother1 Sun 07-Jun-20 23:52:49

I believe Italy were at least allowed to hug grandchildren from May 4th (so I assume they could hug partners too?).
New Zealand started lockdown with one household bubble, but were able to add another couple of people to it from another household after a couple of weeks (they could have physical contact). They now have no social distancing at all.

Redolent Mon 08-Jun-20 06:18:32

That sounds very, very tough OP.

I would also have tolerated a tougher lockdown - not Spain style, but proof leaving house etc - if it meant being able to genuinely interact with close loved ones. It’s hard when you see so many other countries moving towards normality in this sense at least.

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