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LangClegsInSpace Sat 06-Jun-20 10:42:16

Masks are not a magic bullet. They can help stop transmission as part of a comprehensive strategy. Countries where mask wearing is normal and widespread have done well to contain the virus because they also have very effective testing, isolation, contact tracing and quarantine strategies.

This should start at the right place, otherwise go to 38:59:

The whole thing is worth watching, there's lots of info on masks as well as how long people should isolate if they have symptoms (spoiler: longer than 7 days!)

PestymcPestFace Sat 06-Jun-20 10:24:55

China: deaths per million - 3
UK: deaths per million - 593

bulletjournalbilly Sat 06-Jun-20 10:15:53

@venetianblue thank you. Good stats.

What about China?

Maybe we will have to wear masks forever.

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venetianblue Sat 06-Jun-20 10:11:27

Total covid deaths Taiwan 7, Hong Kong 4, Singapore 24, Japan 907, South Korea 273, Vietnam hardly any.

bulletjournalbilly Sat 06-Jun-20 10:05:26

Out of interest. The countries that DO wear masks and have for ever, APAC countries for example - if masks are effective why did they spread the virus then?

Surely if they already wear masks in public places it wouldn't of spread IF they are effective?

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