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DS temperature 37.8 can’t find Covid cut off temp

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Neome Sat 06-Jun-20 09:27:23

DS was just sick so I took his temperature. He’s fine in himself, I can’t for the life of me find the temperature above which self isolating is needed but know it wasn’t that high.

No cough, not sure about smell/taste

Please help if you knows the answer, Google’s not helping me just vague ‘do you feel warm’

Thanks for reading

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SunbathingDragon Sat 06-Jun-20 09:27:55

It’s 37.8C so you need to isolate. Hope he’s ok.

wherethewildthingis Sat 06-Jun-20 09:28:28

That's not the advice any more, you now need to arrange a test online, self isolate till you get him and you tested and have the result

Ifailed Sat 06-Jun-20 09:29:40

raviolidreaming Sat 06-Jun-20 09:30:51

There is no official temperature - it's the symptom of having a temperature at all, rather than the number. Hope he's okay.

high temperature– this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)

MRex Sat 06-Jun-20 09:30:58

37.8 is elevated but not a fever. Probably best to book a test, just to see.

Littlebelina Sat 06-Jun-20 09:32:12

They changed it from 37.8C to a high temperature a while back (presumably because not everyone has thermometers or can use them correctly). 37.8 is a high (ie not normal) temperature. So self isolate and book a test for him. Probably not covid but better to assume it is. Hope he feels better soon

raviolidreaming Sat 06-Jun-20 09:32:52

Sorry, meant to say - follow the NHS online coronavirus service link for your next steps.

BadAlice Sat 06-Jun-20 09:38:33

Why did you take his temperature? Did you think he seemed unwell or did he feel hot to the touch? It would be quite easy to artificially elevate your temperature if you had too many layers on or had just been in a hot bath.

Neome Sat 06-Jun-20 10:48:51

I took his temperature because he was sick BadAlice and because I’m supporting research by using the research app where you report your symptoms daily - almost 4 million people are doing this in the UK.

Until now neither of us have had any symptoms but I knew if I was reporting DS being sick there’d be other questions plus I might need to order a test.

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Neome Sat 06-Jun-20 10:50:48

Many thanks all, I have now ordered tests for us.

DS is fine, considering he’s been sick twice. Really appreciate the MN help 💐

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Neome Sat 06-Jun-20 10:55:12

Covid symptom tracker gives research data to King’s College and NHS researchers. If anyone wants to join or see their results.

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BadAlice Sat 06-Jun-20 11:53:20

@Neome Zoe has never asked me to take my temperature.

raviolidreaming Sat 06-Jun-20 12:33:24

Genuinely don't understand why you needed to ask on here if you're tracking on the Zoe app confused - or why you were using the app if at the first sign of symptoms you weren't going to log them confused

Cremebrule Sat 06-Jun-20 13:29:39

BadAlice Zoe normally asks for the temp if you report any symptoms.

Neome Sat 06-Jun-20 14:26:56

Apologies if I wasn’t making sense, raviolidreaming.

DS was sick, I took his temperature, it was 37.8.

Being sick isn’t one of the 3 symptoms for getting a test/self isolating so I wanted to know whether the temperature was high enough for booking a test.

I genuinely couldn’t find the cut off temperature on google while dealing with a somewhat unwell child so I asked MN to help.

I also knew I’d need to report symptoms on Zoe, I’m not sure how I gave the impression I wasn’t going to log them but priority 1 was sick child and 2 getting a test ordered if necessary.

Apologies again for being unclear while in a flap. Thanks again for the help and kind thoughts everyone, DS is well enough for Minecraft so not overly worried about him.

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nobbymcphailisverypale Sat 06-Jun-20 20:30:58

@BadAlice I've put my temp into Zoe twice this week. I was prompted to by saying yes to the question about feeling hot (that's paraphrased). Both times I didn't have a high temp, it was 36.5.

Kitcat122 Sat 06-Jun-20 21:20:35

Children can have sickness and stomach issues with covid. I only had a temp of 37.6 when I had it.

perfumeistooexpensive Sat 06-Jun-20 21:46:44

I reported on the app that I had a bad headache and felt tired. I was sent a link to go for a test. I had it yesterday and got a negative result today. I had no recognised Covid symptoms, but they still wanted me checked out.

Puffthemagicdragongoestobed Sat 06-Jun-20 22:05:11

Nhs 111 told me it's 38 degrees

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