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Teacher with ‘bad cold’ WWYD?

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TestOrNot Sat 06-Jun-20 08:03:34

I’ve posted similar yesterday in the staff room but wanted to vary my question a bit and post here for traffic.

I developed a streaming cold yesterday. I’ve woken up feeling pretty dreadful- general malaise and headache but runny nose and sneezing has calmed down a bit. Definitely not hay fever.

Are there any guidelines for key workers with symptoms like this who don’t qualify for a test (no fever or cough)? I’m due back to Sitka early next week. Surely you can’t just go to work as normal with visible symptoms during the pandemic?


I was all set to ring 111 but clearly have none of the symptoms for a Covid test so thought I’d ask if anyone has had similar experience and can advise.


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TestOrNot Sat 06-Jun-20 08:04:39

Sitka is school! No idea where that came from!!

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BigBreakfast Sat 06-Jun-20 08:05:32

You've got two full days, surely by Monday, the worst will be over?

Wait and see how you are.

Zampa Sat 06-Jun-20 08:08:05

If you're too unwell to work, stay at home for a day or two until you feel better. No need to isolate without the coronavirus symptoms but no point spreading a cold.

Get well soon!

TestOrNot Sat 06-Jun-20 08:08:58

My colds usually last several days so I think it’ll be obvious I’m not 100%.

I think I’m also a bit anxious it could be an atypical case of Covid.

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superram Sat 06-Jun-20 08:09:07

I’d have a test via lack of smell which presumably had gone due to cold?

RedFoz Sat 06-Jun-20 08:09:10

You can still get a cold during a pandemic, doesn't mean it's covid. The virus attacks the lungs and the cough with it is not productive. Highly likely you have not got it.

TestOrNot Sat 06-Jun-20 08:10:14

Thanks Zampa smile

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Mistigri Sat 06-Jun-20 08:10:33

I don't know about the U.K. but elsewhere in Europe the advice would be to immediately call your GP and arrange a test with a result within 24 hours. Headache is a potential covid symptom as is loss of smell or taste.

yorkshirecountrylass Sat 06-Jun-20 08:10:58

Are you sure you're sense of smell and taste isn't affected OP? As a parent I would be extremely worried if my DS teacher appeared to have full blown cold symptoms and hadn't been tested. I would suggest phoning 111 and see what they advise

skylarkdescending Sat 06-Jun-20 08:14:05

Is this the first week back for the children? I would give your HT a heads up ASAP. They may not want you in school with visible symptoms (there's always that parent who complains!) and they have more time to plan replacement/rearrange bubbles etc if you tell them now.

donquixotedelamancha Sat 06-Jun-20 08:14:58

Get a test. Just say you have lost sense of smell. Tell school you are self isolating until you get the results.

It's probably a cold, but much better safe than sorry.

TestOrNot Sat 06-Jun-20 08:16:44

Thanks for your posts everyone. Last night, I couldn’t taste my dinner or the very posh chocolate that dd bought me. But then I’d got through a whole loo roll blowing my nose so hardly surprising!

I feel that I’d like a test to rule out Covid but it’s obvious I don’t really meet criteria.

Don’t worry- I don’t plan on just turning up at school with these symptoms but am trying to plan my next move...

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TheOnlyLivingBoyInNewCross Sat 06-Jun-20 08:17:35

But she hasn't lost her sense of smell?

I wouldn't lie just to get a test. Just call in sick if you're not feeling well enough to work, which it sounds like you're not.

TestOrNot Sat 06-Jun-20 08:17:48

Sorry I’m slow- x posts!

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hopingtobedally Sat 06-Jun-20 08:18:07

It's a cold. Go to work

Iloveappleproducts Sat 06-Jun-20 08:21:00

I've just had a common cold. I work with vulnerable people.
I continued going to work and just wore a mask and went to the toilets each time I needed to blow my nose.
It was clear I had a cold and nothing more sinister

Pythonesque Sat 06-Jun-20 08:21:09

I strongly believe we are going to have to be much more conscientious about staying home with all illness for at least the next two to three years, adults and children. The better we control coronavirus, the unrecognised, because not typical, cases will become more significant in keeping it around. This needs to be policy because it has significant implications for employment and school attendance that will need to be considered to reduce 'presenteeism' etc.

Alert your school, try to get tested, rest up and get well soon. And don't go to school until you are actually well even if it does seem to be just-a-cold. Then hopefully you won't pass that on to another family to face the dilemma of should we isolate or not.

skylarkdescending Sat 06-Jun-20 08:21:10

'Loss or change to your sense of smell or taste'

Get a test

middleager Sat 06-Jun-20 08:21:38

I would get a test.

Some parents and colleagues will be nervous. Plus, you should check you are OK of course.

Let's just say you happened to have a cold AND Covid (presuming that's possible?) then if you were sneezing, the spread of both could be far reaching.

Hercwasonaroll Sat 06-Jun-20 08:23:04

Get a test, the places aren't busy and it will put your mind at rest.

Imaystillbedrunk Sat 06-Jun-20 08:24:59

Get a test, you don't have to list all the symptoms, you can book online. If you book now hopefully you'll have the results tomorrow evening/Monday morning. Takes the guessing game away

alreadytaken Sat 06-Jun-20 08:26:00

Hope you are better by Monday but if not stay home. This is not the time to be causing panic and extra demands on health services. Everyone you spread your germs to is going to be worried and some demanding tests.

Dreamondreamer Sat 06-Jun-20 08:28:42

I've got what I think is a heavy cold and was advised to test.

Some of my symptoms are very similar, but there's only one way I'm going to know and therefore think it's been the right thing to do.
I have got something, I'm pretty sure it's a cold, but if I've been able to catch a cold then I have been able to catch the virus. Doesn't mean that I have, but it's a possibility.
I did have a temp and smell/taste is altered. I also am coughing more than usual with a tickly/sore throat typical of a cold. Sneezy, headache and a bit of a temp when it started, developed earache now as well. They're normal symptoms of a cold for me.

I did the 111 symptoms checker and it said to apply for a test and to self isolate until results. Which I've done.

MonkeyToesOfDoom Sat 06-Jun-20 08:29:09

Email / message your head and explain and ask what they think.

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