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Antibody test

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Sunflowersok Fri 05-Jun-20 17:08:36

My workplace offered staff members an antibody test. It was first come first serv in appointments only.

One of the people I supervise went for this text today. She signed and consented for this test, with the promise of results in 48 hours. They took her blood.

She got sent an email today saying that they had enough samples for what they needed to do, and that they would not be going through with her testing as it’s not needed for them.

Is this right? Can they do this?

They stuck a needle in her arm and she went though a procedure. Can they withdraw from testing?

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PleasantVille Fri 05-Jun-20 17:17:27

What was the procedure, I thought the antibody test was a blood test

Sunflowersok Fri 05-Jun-20 17:24:16

It is. They’ve stuck a needle in her arm and taken her blood.

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PleasantVille Fri 05-Jun-20 17:43:32

I don't really see what the problem is other than it being annoying that she didn't get to find out the result. Having blood taken isn't a procedure, why so dramatic?

Floatyboat Fri 05-Jun-20 17:45:24

It sounds like they didn't consent her properly if this wasn't explained.

Ponoka7 Fri 05-Jun-20 17:53:40

"Having blood taken isn't a procedure,"

Yes it is, there's infection risk and questions about health have to be asked.

If it wasn't explained, they haven't gained consent, ethically. She didn't say that she was happy to be part of a social experiment to gain statistical evidence.

Gwenhwyfar Fri 05-Jun-20 17:57:29

I would be very annoyed at this. I wouldn't have a needle in my arm just for fun!

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