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When do you think driving lessons/tests will resume

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zippydohdah Fri 05-Jun-20 10:52:58

My son had his rescheduled to 25 June, it was originally booked for 6 April - do you think this is still likely to go ahead. I haven't seen any announcements or guidelines on this subject yet?

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Wildlingyoumakemyheartsing Fri 05-Jun-20 10:56:51

My partner had his rescheduled once and was supposed to have one again this morning which has been rescheduled for a month's time.

WhatHaveIFound Fri 05-Jun-20 10:59:46

DD's was booked for the 2nd April and has been rescheduled to the 27th July. When she last spoke to her instructor he hadn't heard anything regard when he could restart lessons.

nex18 Fri 05-Jun-20 11:18:23

My dd’s was cancelled for May, rearranged for August. There must surely be some priority for them to be up and running soon, to avoid public transport use.

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