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“Last thing we need to see all over Mumsnet...” Janey godley comedienne

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backaftera2yearbreak Thu 04-Jun-20 22:43:59

This lady does voiceovers of Nicola sturgeon and Mumsnet made the cut today 😂

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TooExtraImmatureCheddar Thu 04-Jun-20 22:47:40

I love Janey Godley!

backaftera2yearbreak Thu 04-Jun-20 22:52:06

She certainly helped get the message across!

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Galvantula Thu 04-Jun-20 22:52:07


Cabinfever10 Fri 05-Jun-20 00:17:40


raviolidreaming Fri 05-Jun-20 08:34:42

I love her voiceovers!

backaftera2yearbreak Fri 05-Jun-20 08:40:08

Yeah she really funny

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Trevsadick Fri 05-Jun-20 08:50:17

Hahhaha that actaully really cheered me up.

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