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If you have to isolate because of test and trace...

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HotWatBot Thu 04-Jun-20 21:44:44

If you have to isolate because you've been in contact with someone who has then had a positive coronavirus test, how might your workplace treat this 🤔. Would it be classed as sick leave? Would it count towards any sick leave monitoring?

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LadyFeliciaMontague Thu 04-Jun-20 22:05:18

“It's a good idea to check your workplace's policy on absence from work. Employers might need to be flexible if asking for self-isolation notes. For example, an employee with severe symptoms might not be able to get a note straight away“

“Employers should support workers who are told to self-isolate and must not ask them to attend work. See the guidance on the NHS test and trace service for employers, businesses and workers. If you are in employment, speak to your employer to discuss if you can work from home or other options are available during your period of isolation.

Workers in self-isolation are entitled to Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) for every day they are in isolation, as long as they meet the eligibility conditions. Guidance has been produced for employees that are unable to work because they are self-isolating.

The NHS test and trace service will provide a notification that can be used as evidence that someone has been told to self-isolate. This notification can be shared with an employer or education provider, for example”

HotWatBot Thu 04-Jun-20 22:15:53


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