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In Scotland, can someone look after your child at home if you are a key worker?

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Postagequestion Thu 04-Jun-20 20:26:25

I came across this earlier on scottish government website. Its dated March 2020 but doesn't say it's outdated and I can't find a more recent version.
It seems to say key workers, working at home, can have someone come in to look after your child.
Does anyone know anything about this?
Happy to be told I am way off.

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Postagequestion Thu 04-Jun-20 22:41:46

Bumping smile

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Postagequestion Fri 05-Jun-20 19:26:48

One last try 😂

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EachDubh Fri 05-Jun-20 20:54:27

I think it is still valid, my kids go to my parent whem i am working in school as does my sibling when they work in hospital. We kind of created a bubble linked by kids. We had no other childcare options, in my authority i wasn't able to use keyworker place as not classed as keyworker when working in hubs.
As long as you are sensible you will be ok. 👍

CaptainMerica Fri 05-Jun-20 21:08:03

Sorry, I have no great insight, but I've seen this every time you have bumped it, and wondered the answer.

That's how I read it too. Also childminders allowed from phase 1, so I can't see any reason why not.

Postagequestion Fri 05-Jun-20 22:52:09

Thank you both! I have some friends who could both come under key workers categories and have been going mad working from home and trying to watch the kids too rather than use a hub place.
If it had been known they could've have a grandparent in watching them, it would have and could still make a huge difference.

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Invisimamma Fri 05-Jun-20 23:04:51

As far as I'm aware (I'm in Scotland and following this closely) you cannot have anyone else in your home and you cannot visit anyone else's home. (there are exceptions for vulnerable people receiving care at home).

Childminders can now open though, but their are stricter limits on their numbers.

Only meeting other households outside at 2m distance.

Invisimamma Fri 05-Jun-20 23:07:47

But actually now I read the link, it seems like for key workers it could be allowed 🤔

Postagequestion Fri 05-Jun-20 23:25:18

Thanks, that's what I thought too @invisimamma
So was surprised to read that in the link.

If it's true I bet there's a few folk wish they'd known 2 months ago!

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EachDubh Fri 05-Jun-20 23:26:44

In my case my kids go to my parents home that means they have less exposure to anything I may bring into my home.
Hope you get something sorted it's hard enough at the best of times.

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