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Shielded birthdays

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Bercows Thu 04-Jun-20 11:53:21

It's my birthday soon. I'm shielded with 3dc. We were supposed to be going to our favourite seaside town for the weekend but can't now. I'm not particularly bothered about my birthday but the dc will want to make the day special. They will probably make me cards as they usually do anyway and might make me something which I love as I'm not bothered about presents or any fuss. We aren't really take away fans so I'll probably make our favourite pasta dish with something nice for pudding.

Any ideas for making it a non-groundhog day? It's a weekend day so no homeschooling smile Has anyone else has a shielded birthday and if so what did you do?

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Drivingdownthe101 Thu 04-Jun-20 11:58:05

My mum isn’t shielded but lives alone and had her 60th in lockdown before we were allowed to spend time in gardens/public.
We tied balloons to the front of her house, made her a cake which we left on her doorstep alongside her gifts, and also left a plate of party food. The DC got dressed up in party clothes and we rang her bell then sat at the end of her drive while she opened her presents.
We made her some vouchers of things that we’ll do after lockdown, such as ‘family roast dinner’ and ‘100 cuddles’ (obviously she hasn’t cuddled anyone since this all started). Slightly different situation but maybe you could get a jar and all wrote down ideas for things you’ll do when you can go out again?
Party games for the DC with little prizes? Depends how old they are though! Everyone choose a song to dance around to?

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