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What’s the point of the contact tracing phone app....

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Derbygerbil Wed 03-Jun-20 23:00:20

.... for most people.... at least until large social events resume, which won’t be any time soon.

My understanding is that contact tracing only occurs for those contacts whom you’ve had contact for than at least 15 minutes and at a distance of 2m or less.

Outside my household I’ve had no such contact since lockdown!.... I expect lots of people are similar, with most people only having a handful of “contacts” at most. Even those who’ve disregarded lockdown rules could probably readily name those they’ve been in close contact with.

The only exception would be those who have to use public transport....

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NuffSaidSam Wed 03-Jun-20 23:14:53

It's a good thing to get it up and running before everyone starts mixing again isn't it? Rather than waiting until the mixing starts and then introducing it.

Plus as you say there is public transport, people at work, people who are ignoring social distancing, people who might forget/fail to report correctly who they've been in contact with. If my area is anything to go by the biggest users will be delieveroo drivers, I don't think they all necessarily know each other that well (not well enough to be able to identify everyone they've been near), but they all wait outside for their orders in a big group.

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