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University fees in lockdown. Still worth it?

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MsHeffaPiglet Wed 03-Jun-20 18:55:48

For those of you with children deciding whether to go to university later this year, would you encourage them to do it?

For a lot of students they are not just paying for the course, but for the university experience.

Given the social distancing now in place and talk of student 'bubbles', the university experience will sadly lacking, so will all the expense be worth it?

Would it be better for them to try and get an apprenticeship, if there are any left, any job, and do an Open University degree instead. Will be much cheaper and save them getting into huge amounts of debt.

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Catsmother1 Thu 04-Jun-20 14:33:21

My daughter wants to be a teacher so needs a degree. Open university is cheaper, but she doesn’t like the course modules for her subject. She could defer for a year, but it might be the same next year - with social distancing etc. And what would you do with your gap year? No travel, social distancing, not many jobs.
So I think she’s probably going to go still.

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