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What happens if your admitted with cv and are breastfeeding

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SodOffCovid Wed 03-Jun-20 14:10:37

Random question, but It's my main worry atm, I don't have cv but do have asthma, so worry if I catch it and at any point needed to be admitted to hospital, what will happen to my baby. He's four months old, ebf and never had a bottle. There's no baby milk available around here so I don't know what dh would do? We also have a two year old. I don't want to stockpile milk (from a different source) and then not use it 'just in case'

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Cornettoninja Wed 03-Jun-20 14:18:15

Could you express and freeze?

I think you should try and get hold of some formula anyway. If it did come to it at least it’s there and ready to go rather than leaving your DH in a position of having to try and source some whilst likely worried about you and dealing with two children missing their mum in that particular scenario.

I don’t think one or two tins of formula is stockpiling personally, I think its sensibly covering all your bases.

Ponoka7 Wed 03-Jun-20 14:18:37

I should imagine that if oxygen support is needed, the baby will have to stay at home. Unless your DD could stay with you and DH care for the baby, but pass to you for feeds. That would depend on a room being available. But that would mean your toddler getting cared for elsewhere.

So it would be better for DH to get on with it. You would be able to get milk from somewhere, the charities and foodbanks have baby formula.

If you were on certain medication, antiviral/anti-inflammatory etc, you possibly couldn't BF anyway.

moimichme Wed 03-Jun-20 14:19:34

Tricky one, but if your baby is so young and ebf then I'd hope the powers that be would keep you and baby together if at all possible?

On a hopefully reassuring note, my sister has quite bad asthma and was actually tested (positive) for coronavirus, and although she had a hard time and was doing a lot of extra breathing treatments, and it did take a while for her cough to go, she wasn't in hospital or anything. I think it's not usually as serious for young (ish) people, so hopefully it wouldn't come to that in your case either. But I know it's worrying. Good luck.

CoachBombay Wed 03-Jun-20 14:35:12

This scenario happened with my cousin. 2 week old ebf baby mother caught covid in hospital during labor. Hospitalised for breathing difficulties. Partner was given those cow and gate bottles by the maternity ward, and told to take baby home and continue with formula till mum came home.

If I were you I'd pump and freeze just incase, or have a box of formula in the house.

Powerof4 Wed 03-Jun-20 15:46:45

Babies are very adaptable and if it came to it, I’m sure would be able to drink milk from a cup or bottle if you were in hospital. If you’re worried about milk availability, could you begin pumping and build up a small freezer stash of breast milk just in case?

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