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First year jabs and fever?

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Meredithgrey1 Wed 03-Jun-20 08:46:10

DD is one in a few weeks and we have her first year jabs booked in. Do these normally cause a fever? And if it does, does that mean that DH and I will need to self isolate for 14 days because DD has a fever which could potentially be COVID?

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Bol87 Wed 03-Jun-20 08:54:09

Yes, my daughter got a temp from her one year jabs. Only for the day & night straight after. Calpol did the job.

And no, you don’t need to isolate as you know the cause. I asked the doctor about that after my daughters 8 week jabs. He said no because it’s obvious what’s caused the temp. If the temp went on more than 48 hours, then be told me to isolate & call them for more advice. You can get kids tested now, so if it did rumble on longer than would be expected, you can isolate & get a test!

FourPlasticRings Wed 03-Jun-20 08:57:30

It can cause fever, but you don't need to give calpol pre-emptively, only responsively. And no, you wouldn't need to self-isolate. Occam's razor would suggest it's the jabs that caused the fever.

FWIW, my DD didn't have a fever after hers.

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