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Sending in keyworker Dcs if you can work at home?

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Ginntoniconpause Wed 03-Jun-20 08:23:16

I think each council might be doing things slightly differently. It's a tough situation and lots of pros and cons. I'm a social worker and currently working from home due to pregnancy, I have a young child at home with me but it's so difficult doing this kind of job with her around. I applied for a keyworker place (husband also a keyworker) and was told that because I'm able to work from home we were not eligible. That may change soon though as things are relaxing- for now!

MrsWombat Wed 03-Jun-20 08:17:24

The government have changed the wording from "children must stay at home if possible" to children of critical workers are strongly encouraged to go in. So if the school are happy (I know some wouldn't be) then send them in.

Bloodybackpain Wed 03-Jun-20 08:13:00

Thanks everyone, ok at least it’s not just me finding it a tricky dilemma!
When the DCs and dh came back the other day from school/work I made them all put clothes in washing machine right away and have showers, maybe we need to ensure they do that every day to reduce risks

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Tuemay Wed 03-Jun-20 07:17:06

If it was at the start of the Pandemic and the Schools were essentially shut then I would not send them.

BUT not taking your husbands diabetes into account...Schools are opening up anyway gradually, with the plan being to get everyone back before Summer (I think.)
If it helps you get work done, makes your children happy and gives you all some sanity, I would send them.
I am just jealous that you have that option grin

10 weeks (I think?!) Has worn us all down a bit!

PaperMonster Wed 03-Jun-20 07:09:17

My friend’s a key worker but working from home and she’s sending her kids into school. Your husband might not be shielding, but he is vulnerable. It is a tricky position as going to school will have done the children a power of good. Sorry, not much help there!

Bluewavescrashing Wed 03-Jun-20 06:53:56

It's a personal choice. I'm a key worker - teaching at my DS' school. The head said I was welcome to send my DS in. I have decided not to for a few reasons. He had severe asthma as a baby and was admitted to hospital several times for stays on children's ward with oxygen, steroids etc. He's much better now but I'm still cautious with him. He's very happy at home and DH has been asked to take annual leave when I'm working (2 days per week). He's not behind in his school work and I'm not worried about him catching up. He is happy with DD's company and hasn't complained of missing his friends.

Your circumstances are different. Do what you feel is right... I appreciate it's hard to decide though.

Bloodybackpain Wed 03-Jun-20 06:43:46

here’s our situation - DH is a keyworker but has been able to work at home since lockdown began.
I am not a key worker and I can do my job from home - I am a solicitor, very busy role, hours targets etc.

Our primary aged DCs have been at home since lockdown began doing homeschooling - not going too badly but it’s a massive juggling act, stressful at times, and we are certainly not natural teachers!

DH had to go into work for one day this week - as I’m really busy I made use of the schools key worker provision. The DCs absolutely loved it, had a great day and now want to go back to school. School is happy to have them, very supportive and flexible.

But I just feel somehow it’s wrong to send them in if me and DH are working at home and can carry on juggling home school ... what are others doing in this scenario? Certainly we would both get a lot more work done if the DCs aren’t in the house and also it’s a bit of mental space from each other.

But on the other hand I feel lockdown has been relaxed too soon and don’t want to do anything that contributes to a second wave etc

Also DH is a type 1 diabetic - this isn’t a shielding group and he is otherwise healthy but I feel like we ought to be a bit cautious for his sake ... he wasn’t keen on the DCs going to school originally but having seen how happy they were after school the other day he’s more minded to send them in.

I just can’t decide so I wondered what others were doing in a similar situation!

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