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Grandkids to visit

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ECCCE Wed 03-Jun-20 01:54:04

Delighted that grandkids plan to visit on Thursday. Is this crazy? We are black and my husband has diabetes. But isn't it safer now rather than after the kids have gone back to school? Any thoughts?

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UnderTheBus Wed 03-Jun-20 01:58:35

Only you can decide if you're happy with the risk level. Are the kids young? Will they be able to social distance?

Marnie76 Wed 03-Jun-20 04:45:05

If both households have been careful for the last few weeks then I think you’re right that now is probably the safest time, before people start mixing more. Hard as it is, will you and they be able to resist cuddles?

Somethingsoright Wed 03-Jun-20 13:00:28

Thankyou for the replies. Over and out.

PurpleDaisies Wed 03-Jun-20 13:01:23

Are you meeting them in the garden?

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