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Any news when hotels will open?

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Theodoreb Tue 02-Jun-20 23:41:19

I just want to spend a night in a hotel as I usually go there to visit someone have to use a hotel for reasons I'd rather not go into and I want to travel from Wales to Wolverhampton. Any ideas what the time scale is on this? Obviously won't be doing it until it's legal.

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DrMadelineMaxwell Tue 02-Jun-20 23:49:27

I'm very much wondering this at the moment. I have a provisional booking for a hotel in London in the last week of July. And have just heard that schools in Wales may be asked to extend their summer term by a week.
If we can't go away that week due to hotels being closed, it's not going to be a problem.
If we can, and infection levels and things being open enough to make it worth doing/sensible enough to do would mean me being a bit stuck if we are suddenly expected to work another week, meaning we can't go.

blue25 Tue 02-Jun-20 23:55:41

Lots I use for work are opening 4th July.

Theodoreb Wed 03-Jun-20 00:08:21

Aww thank you so shouldn't be too long hopefully, just another month two at most then I can go to Wolverhampton again and see my friend.

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Kaathesnake Wed 03-Jun-20 00:37:45

Was talking to a hotel landlady in Devon end of last week, regarding a booking and they all seem to be opening July 4th, this seems the case on as well. I think some hotels are open now but for work people not holiday makers, as obvs you won’t get the bar, gym or pool facilities at the moment.
The way things are moving along, I think July 4th seems accurate🤷‍♀️

Theodoreb Wed 03-Jun-20 09:46:34

Thank you that does help hopefully I can go soon.

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