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Corona virus and redundancy

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livesimpledreambig Tue 02-Jun-20 19:46:55

Hi, sorry if this has already been done before, but couldn't find a thread.

A couple of weeks ago I found out that I am under consultation for redundancy due to the loss of business with corona virus, and I wondered if anyone else was in the same position?

There's very little job opportunities out there at the moment, which is worrying if I do lose my job!

Just wanted to share this, and be able to chat to anyone in the same boat!

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Uhoh2020 Tue 02-Jun-20 20:14:45

Yes my company went into administration early on in lockdown although I am technically still working for them whilst they wind the company down redundancy looms although I dont know when, it could be tomorrow it could be in 6 months time. I wish they would hurry up and make me redundant now tbh then I can move on.

SudokuBook Tue 02-Jun-20 20:17:57

Yes, me. Sorry you are in the same position, it really is total crap

SudokuBook Tue 02-Jun-20 20:18:24

I’ve already lost mine

livesimpledreambig Tue 02-Jun-20 20:33:20

So sorry to see you are all in the same position! It's awful being so uncertain about the future. In one way I just want to know either way now, at the moment it's the not knowing!

Hopefully, we all get something positive out of this in the long term!

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whatisforteamum Tue 02-Jun-20 20:42:49

I'm in hospitality.So uncertain times and th works for a family company that are on furlough while work is slow.I expect i m to lose his job but he is reluctant to look.Sorry you are keeping in this situation.

whatisforteamum Tue 02-Jun-20 20:43:31

Dh I mean.

livesimpledreambig Tue 02-Jun-20 20:50:02

Hi @whatisforteamum that sounds like a difficult situation! It's scary how quickly things have changed, and I'm not sure what's going to happen next!
I have been looking at jobs since I found out but there's very little out there that I have the skill set for.
When is your DH likely to find out any more info?

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Teacaketotty Tue 02-Jun-20 20:50:22

I lost my job in March, had an interview today though so fingers crossed! Hope you find something soon x

whatisforteamum Tue 02-Jun-20 20:56:50

He is not asking the questions as he fears the answer! .We don't have a start back date yet for the pub.The hours would be reduced anyway IF we can open.Very unsettling times all round.

SudokuBook Tue 02-Jun-20 21:24:01

Good luck @Teacaketotty

Deblou43 Tue 02-Jun-20 21:50:33

This makes me so sad that all these business will suffer

Winnipegdreamer Wed 03-Jun-20 00:25:02

I’m in exactly the same position as you. We are having to reapply for our jobs, contract changes also for most!

livesimpledreambig Wed 03-Jun-20 13:06:09

Good luck @Teacaketotty

Yes it makes me sad too, so many people are going to be affected with job losses and uncertainty!

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