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Likelihood of UK holiday cottage break mid July?

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Frume Tue 02-Jun-20 16:26:34

We're booked for Dorset on 18th July in a holiday cottage.

Has anything been said regarding if and when we are able to holiday in the UK?

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Saladmakesmesad Tue 02-Jun-20 16:39:50

Self catering is likely to be fine.

PammieDooveOrangeJoof Tue 02-Jun-20 17:28:33

Self catering and golfers etc are meant to be opening up on the 4th July apparently.

Allflightscancelled Tue 02-Jun-20 17:44:37

Ooh I really hope so! <fingers crossed>

We've got a tiny little holiday flat in Dorset and haven't been able to go since late February. First world problem I know, but we've missed it, and our neighbours. We had a week planned in July with our daughter so if we can all go I'll be so excited.

OP I hope you get your holiday. Where is the cottage?

Whilstwewait Tue 02-Jun-20 17:47:02

Same concern here. We have a cottage booked but 3 households going together. Concerned we won't be allowed to all go x

Laiste Tue 02-Jun-20 17:55:16

Week in a caravan on a site near the sea. Mid July, UK. Fingers are crossed right along with you OP smile

Laiste Tue 02-Jun-20 18:00:43

What are your stratergies, those who have booked self catering UK? What have your companies said? Are you going to hang on or chicken out?

Our site has said our booking stands at the moment and that instead of paying the balance 6 weeks before the holiday start date (now'ish) we can leave it till 4 weeks before the start date and then decide. So in 2 weeks time ...

They've said we can cancel or move it without losing deposit - or can do the above, take it to the wire and play Russian roulette with regards to paying for a holiday we might not be able to go on or enjoy because everythings shut or too busy! <bites nails> At the mo we're doing the later ...

Spindelina Tue 02-Jun-20 18:47:22

We're in the same boat for similar dates, with the added complication that we are going by train and ferry (which aren't yet booked), and relying on buses when we're there (IOW).

Our company are also saying they want the balance with four weeks to go. I doubt we'll want to go, but hopefully by then we'll have a better idea of what's going on wrt refunds and our deposit.

Shodan Tue 02-Jun-20 19:15:17

I still have bookings for two cottages in Wales for mid-July. So far I can't get a refund if I cancel so I'm going to hang on in there, but I won't be paying the balance.

Even if we're able to go, we've decided we don't want to now. I'd rather lose the deposit and save the balance tbh, although getting a refund on the deposits would be ideal.

Mummypig2020 Tue 02-Jun-20 19:18:23

We are supposed to be going haven and have our fingers crossed. Butlins have decided to shut until the 17th July though.

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