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Who went back to work today and how was it ?

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Ipadipod Mon 01-Jun-20 22:26:49

I returned to work today and it was exactly as I thought it would be- there are signs regarding keeping your distance, hand sanitizers at the door , one way system etc , but desks haven’t been moved apart and staff just aren’t keeping to the instructions we have been given by HR ( under threat of a disciplinary if not adhered to) clients aren’t keeping their distance either. I’ve spent most of today picking up discarded gloves and trying to make sure everyone is using the correct entrance and exit . I’m knackered!

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Pinkstump Mon 01-Jun-20 22:49:09

Same here - lots of talk, posters, emails about using ppe, hand gel, 2 meters etc. In reality though all the people who haven't been furloughed are ignoring it. All the returning staff are being very cautious, but the measures are just too half-arsed to work. The manager making the rules is of course not there to encourage people to follow them as she's still working from home (in the vulnerable category) while everyone else is back in the office as normal.

Ipadipod Wed 03-Jun-20 22:12:21

I’ve been so stressed today, there is zero social distancing, we have been flooded with customers, non of whom are bothered about following the signs or sanitising their hands , we’ve had groups of people (9in one instance) coming in together when we have said only 2 people per household. I’ve been tasked with cleaning where they have been sitting but it’s been manic and I haven’t had time to do this. At one point there were at least 40 people squashed into a small area. I told management but they’re not bothered and while it’s great that it’s busy, I just feel it’s so out of control.

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