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I'm on the sidelines again :(

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fabulousbottom Mon 01-Jun-20 16:19:59

I've never had many friends.

I've finally met a group of girls online and we have frequent zoom calls. They talk about meeting up after lockdown- going to a bar or for a meal out in central London.

Now here's the issue. I live with my grandparents aged 90. How will I be able to meet these girls who could potentially become good friends? The idea of them meeting up and me not being able to go hurts, I don't want to be on the sidelines again.

Has anyone got any suggestions of how I can do this safely or if I can?

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FrodoTheDodo Mon 01-Jun-20 16:23:36

By the time bars and restaurants are open we'll probably be in a different position but that's not really the point. Living with your GPs shouldn't mean you never get to go out or make friends. You take as many hygiene measures as you can to protect them but you can't not have a life.

Billyjoearmstrong Mon 01-Jun-20 18:44:27

Agree with Frodo.

I wouldn’t worry, things will be different by the time you can meet up for a meal or go to a bar.

If you still had to take measures to protect them, it’s would be do able. Please don’t let it stop you from living a full life.

attackedbycritters Mon 01-Jun-20 18:49:00

See the advice on how to self isolate or shield within a household

Eg clean bathroom after use , clean your own dishes, keep 2 m apart and keep windows open

sonjadog Mon 01-Jun-20 18:56:04

By the time this is a possibility, the situation will be very different from today, so I would try not to think too much about it now. See what the guidelines are when you are due to meet up. If it comes up, maybe you could suggest a picnic in a park or eating somewhere outdoors?

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