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ThespianTendencies Sun 31-May-20 23:51:41

dp and i do not cohabit. Both of us have been sticking to the guidelines and staying away, He popped round and we kept our distance as we were gardening, He has not been in the house at all. I am taking care of my Mum (she lives locally) and other than that I have ds at home and walk the dogs and go food shopping. Literally nothing else. He had a test Tues which was negative (as we suspected it would be) I feel we could spend an evening indoors and get a bit closer than 2 metres as I am reasonably confident that we have both behaved as safely as is possible. Are we safe to get...closer???? He is saying we wont until Boris says we can and I am getting unreasonably irritated by it. I know this is an extraordinary time and relationships are gong to be strained one way or another but I could scream at his logic now!!! If he had arrived form aboard he would only be in quarantine for 2 weeks!!! WE have had 10 weeks and he has a negative test result and he still won't budge. WWYD?

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Ihadvodkaforbreakfast Mon 01-Jun-20 00:09:08

In same position as you, saw my DP Friday and we gave in, Duffy style and he wore pants in his head. We could barely manage it for laughing though grin
Is your DP cough cough equipped to do it doggy style and maintain 2m social distance? Or could you put a shag bag on his head?

BritWifeinUSA Mon 01-Jun-20 00:39:36

Just do it. I wouldn’t listen to Boris Johnson anyway, given that he couldn’t even follow his own advice. You’re both adults. Do you need BoJo’s permission to sleep with one another at any other time? After all, you could catch an STD. Use your common sense. Assuming you are both healthy individuals under 70 you are already doing things more risky than this (like driving a car).

Have people lost all ability to make their own decisions? That’s more worrying than anything else. Most of “the rules” are just about compliance and control. After all, if the government was so concerned about your health that they are prepared to bankrupt the country for it why haven’t they made tobacco illegal? Or fried food?

OutwiththeOutCrowd Mon 01-Jun-20 08:23:05

This must be rather a common itch, that needs scratching. Boris is never going to give you the green light, or talk about the difficulties of sex in the time of Corona, despite being something of a libertarian itch scratcher in his own life. He's British!

From Jenny Harries, the deputy chief medical officer, we have the somewhat coy advice that dating couples: "should test the strength of their relationship and decide whether one wishes to be permanently resident in another household”.

In many cases, this isn't practical, though.

The Dutch haven't been noticeably worse than us at 'flattening the curve', yet give advice for this particular situation, which is, perhaps, more realistic.

MadameMarie Mon 01-Jun-20 08:46:25

You need to abide by social distancing

OutwiththeOutCrowd Mon 01-Jun-20 08:47:52

Whoops. Apparently it's in new more direct rules starting today that this is a no-no.

How are they going to police this!?

Blobby10 Mon 01-Jun-20 12:08:19

@ThespianTendencies just do your own risk assessment. if you and your DP aren't mixing with potentially infectious people ie if you've a doctor, nurse, other healthcare worker etc,; if you maintain social distancing in supermarkets etc and wash your hands regularly ; aren't experiencing any symptoms then go for it. That's what my DP and I did last weekend and it's done his mental health so much good - he says he feels alive for the first time in ten weeks. The lockdown hasn't affected me so much as I've had 3 adult kids home (all isolating as their friends are scattered around the world!) and have been at work as normal (office on my own and keeping 2m away for people in factory if I need to go in there plus regular hand washing) so my routine hasn't changed. However it was VERY nice to be close to him again and it wasn't an unnecessary journey either as I cycled the 30 miles to his house one day and back the next so exercising rather than driving there.

Not sure how we will feel now its actually illegal rather than ill-advised though.

ThespianTendencies Mon 01-Jun-20 21:02:46

Is it actually illegal now?!?!?! Jeez!! At least there wont be a baby boom in 2021 at this rate!! I would meet up but he absolutely refuses. I'm just gonna shut up about it and muddle through, No point in me battling I guess,,

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Somewhereinthesky Mon 01-Jun-20 21:26:13

He has negative results, but what about you? Maybe he doesn't want to risk it. And I think the decision is up to him.

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