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How long do you think social distancing will last - desperate to see sister?

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lesbihonest Sun 31-May-20 22:55:18

Struggling tonight . Dsis’ carers have said we can’t see her until social distancing becomes less necessary, she’s severely autistic and can’t socially distance really . She can’t come round, as she’d need to use our loo (she gets very anxious if no toilet available), she can’t go out for a long walk as no public toilets . She’s not even able to visit her friends gardens due to it all . Carers think she’d get very upset if she came round and realised she couldn’t hug us or sit in the house . For the same reason they’ve asked us not to come through until management agree it’s completely safe/very very low risk of corona . We only live 6 miles away so it’s not exactly far, which feels worse I think .

I totally understand carers’ perspective and I know they’re caring for dozens of adults including care homes via bank shifts, some also do prison and hospital shifts . So I know there’s a lot to consider ... but DM is getting more and more desperate to see her, and struggling - and I can’t see a way of making it any easier . We’ve not seen her now for 4 months . Tried FaceTime and sending packages etc but that’s not helping hugely on either side .

I know no one can say how long but I’m starting to wonder if we’re probably best expecting to not really see her for at least another 2 or 3 months .

She’s not seeming too unhappy, she’s having meltdowns with her staff over masks but getting a lot of nhs help over the phone . Just totally unsure what to do .

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Redolent Mon 01-Jun-20 08:59:30

V Sorry OP.


lljkk Mon 01-Jun-20 09:00:03

Is your sis staying in supported accommodation; who else lives there?

Stressymcstressfacs Mon 01-Jun-20 09:03:55

Do you sister have capacity? If not why do the Carers and not her family make best interest decisions for her?

Stressymcstressfacs Mon 01-Jun-20 09:04:17

*does your

Duckfinger Mon 01-Jun-20 10:14:34

That sounds awful for you and her.
To answer your question nobody know yet but I console myself by looking at the predictions on worldometer and think we might be all but done with it by August, assuming no second peak within this wave.

Duckfinger Mon 01-Jun-20 10:16:50

Here. No idea how accurate the projections are but they give me hope

z0fl0ra Mon 01-Jun-20 10:27:25

i’m going round to see a severely disabled friend today for the first time as the rules have been relaxed for shielding people, if i really need a wee i’ll just use the garden (or borrow one of her nappies grin) is going to hers not an option for you and then accessing the toilet situation if it comes to it? and if she has carers i assume they have to get closer than 2m and they’re seeing a bunch of other people anyway i’d say the risk is minimal of you being the one to pass anything on if you give her a quick hug hello and goodbye if she really will get upset about that part (but avoid having mouths anywhere near)

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