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T&T will have their work cut out

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Jenasaurus Sun 31-May-20 22:27:07

if one of these from Bournemouth beach today has the virus, how on earth will the track and tracer contact all these !

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chickedeee Sun 31-May-20 22:34:02

I guess they all followed their instincts straight to the beach 😁

Seriously what was the point of lockdown when these fools head off to the beach hmm

Musicforsmorks Sun 31-May-20 22:42:47

I bet they all cleaned up after themselves 😆

Jenasaurus Sun 31-May-20 22:50:54

I must be an overly cautious person but looking at the crowds on the beach fills me with anxiety even without the pandemic, I don't understand why, when there are no toilets or places open to get food, drink etc and the need to be 2m apart they would find this such an attractive option.

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