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I miss the office!

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GrumpiestOldWoman Sun 31-May-20 20:53:58

Previously I WFH a day or two every week and would have predicted switching to 100% home based relatively well, I liked WFH.

I'm still not permitted to go to the office, I'm not really needed there and spcial distancing means I'm expected to stay away so those who do need to be physically in the office can be.

I REALLY wish I could go to work tomorrow. I'm increasingly unmotivated and miss the sense of purpose and professionalism of the physical office space. Urgh.

Small DC at home so difficult to 'pretend' I'm at work or to power dress!

Anyone else?

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Itstartedinbarcelona Sun 31-May-20 21:03:35

Yes me too! I love the extra time you get from bit having to commute, but every day feels a bit samey and I’m definitely not as motivated as I used to be in the office. There’s too many distractions at home.

ScrapThatThen Sun 31-May-20 21:06:49

I have been going in to work on a rota basis. It's not really the same as it used to be. I have found we don't really talk much, we are all used to working by our selves. And we can't gather or meet in person. Only a proportion of people are there every day. There's no buzz.

havewinewilltravel Sun 31-May-20 21:22:37

No, not at all. I have fully adapted to working from home and have realised that I love it ... would be happy never to have to return to the office.

Beebyonthewold Sun 31-May-20 22:11:56

Me too! I’m the same, I happily worked from home a day or two a week and loved it, but every day is just too much. I miss the general chit chat, the chance to share ideas and also the social side of things after work. Skype and emails just really aren’t the same. We’ve been told we won’t be back in the office for months yet though

pumpkinpie01 Sun 31-May-20 22:15:54

I am furloughed and have not missed my work for one single second , I really need to find a new job . Going back on Tuesday unfortunately.

howdidwegetheremary Sun 31-May-20 22:17:15

I was the other way from you OP, I WFH when I needed space to work uninterrupted however, never did it very much as I preferred the office.

I’m now on about week 12-13 and I’ve got so used to it that I would be happy to stay here in the long-term. Only thing I find annoying is the constant meetings! It stops me from working.

Isotope456 Sun 31-May-20 22:22:13

Completely agree OP. I'd like to work from home a bit more in future, maybe 1-2 days a week (never did any before) and I don't miss the commute; however, I hate the way my work life has merged with my home life, and video calls are no substitute for seeing my team face to face.

TheGinGenie Sun 31-May-20 22:26:59

Me too, I cannot wait to go back, I hate working from home

Saladmakesmesad Sun 31-May-20 23:25:31

God no. I love my job but not the office or the meetings or the commute or the small talk or the distractions. WFH FTW!

mineofuselessinformation Sun 31-May-20 23:32:26

OP, I really find that dressing almost as if I'm going to work really helps.
Do you have any kind of teams or zoom meetings with your colleagues? They really help you to still feel connected.
We had one a couple of weeks ago, in the evening, purely for a pub quiz type thing. It was lovely to let our hair down.

AgentCooper Sun 31-May-20 23:53:30

Me too OP. And I miss my commute because it was two hours a day where I could do nothing but read (public transport) which isn’t so easy with a feral 2 year old around.

FelineUK Mon 01-Jun-20 00:33:41

I would be happy to WFH until I retire. Likewise, I don't miss the small talk or office politics/gossip. The commuting and rushing about was horrendous; the train and tubes home in the evening so packed you could smell what someone had eaten for lunch, or even dinner evening before. Just awful. I no longer have someone's briefcase shoved up my khyber pass or backpacks flattening my breasts. It will be the worst thing about returning to the office.

Astabarista Mon 01-Jun-20 00:41:03

I WFH freelance full time and I miss having my office to myself grin My three new Co workers are nice and all that but I miss the peace

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