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Anyone else just feel totally fed up today

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MilkTrayLimeBarrel Sun 31-May-20 19:29:50

I have just had enough of cleaning, cooking, washing and ironing way more than before lockdown. DH never helps unless I nag. We have both followed the rules to the letter and then you see the stupid people on the beaches and beauty spots completely ignoring them. I am so sad for our old life and feel that nothing will ever be the same again. I haven't been to a shop for 12 weeks and don't intend to for ages yet, but I miss it so much (like everyone else, I know). but it just feels like a ton of bricks has hit me today and I have nothing to look forward to.

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bigchris Sun 31-May-20 19:31:49

Why havent you been to a shop for so long ? Are you shielding ? Do you go out for a walk at least on you own, sounds like you need a break , ask your dh to pitch in !

bigchris Sun 31-May-20 19:32:55

I'm not doing any ironing for example , if you're not goimg out and no uniform or work shirts to iron do you need to ?

MilkTrayLimeBarrel Sun 31-May-20 19:38:24

I am quite old, yes, not quite in the vulnerable category. We go for a walk with the dog every morning which is lovely, but that's it! Re the ironing, I have been wearing linen shirts which need ironing every time I wear them!

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PasserbyEffect Sun 31-May-20 19:57:48

You deserve a break! Pick something you enjoy and are allowed to do, and do it! The chores can wait. And DH should pull his weight.

RedLemon Sun 31-May-20 20:07:05

I agree with pressing pause on some of the chores. It’s fine to wear a wrinkled shirt or let the laundry sit for a day or two between bouts of tackling it.

I’d been running myself ragged making dinners and baking bread but this weekend I decided feck it and we had takeaway, mediocre but acceptable DH meal and shop bought bread. I also delegated some chores, ignored some other non-essential ones, and made a point of sitting outside in the sun with a book at least twice a day. It was heaven and I really needed it because of the serious rage that seemed to suddenly envelop me this week towards COVID-19 and indeed all the covids and related viruses in its bastarding family.

Deep breath!

CompleteBarstool Sun 31-May-20 20:15:39

I think sometimes things build up and you reach that point where it gets to you. I've had that point today.

I lost my shit with my DC earlier (not shouting or anything, but told them a few home truths). They're older teens and have been so lazy, expecting everything to be done for them, for meals and clean clothes to miraculously appear etc yet you ask them to do something like empty a dishwasher and you'd think you'd asked for the moon on a stick.

i think part of my problem is that returning to a job I wasn't enjoying enjoying is looming but also that I need to do something other than be at home.

I've decided that tomorrow I'm going to walk into town and sit in the park with a good takeaway coffee to clear my head and have some time out. Could you do something like that OP?

frozendaisy Sun 31-May-20 20:20:15

I've just emerged from a two/three week fug. Can only presume my unusual thoughts and behaviour are because of lockdown.
I was paranoid about DH and his mobile, unmotivated to even cook dinner. But what else to do but to try and find some good/fun in all this. So I just started, slowly, doing some project DIY, let myself cry, had many baths even shaved and all that pamper and decided to read some novels. But I think we all hit a wall.

Slave2love Sun 31-May-20 20:22:55

Yes, today can just so one! Glad to be safe and healthy but it's just hit me today. The boredom and the fact that all the things I was looking forward to doing have now been put on hold. Feel so rubbish when I have nothing to plan for.

10storeylovesong Sun 31-May-20 20:32:52

Yep, I took the rainbows out of my kitchen window today so I could give them a good clean. I'd had my 7 year old DS crying all morning because he couldnt see his cousin and nan at the same time, then we went to the park and there was a large exercise class ongoing. I lost my shit. What's the point of fucking rainbows when people act like dicks?! DH and I have been working our shifts around each other since Feb with no childcare, running ourselves into the ground and barely seeing each other, to keep other people safe and no one gives a shit. So glad the Thurs clapping is all over too.

Musicforsmorks Sun 31-May-20 20:36:40

All the rainbows in windows here have faded as it’s so sunny 😎

Musicforsmorks Sun 31-May-20 20:37:30

And I prefer cloudy grey skies and rain.

Ok, I’ll just get my coat.....

soontobeanana Sun 31-May-20 20:38:33

Yes, I'm finding Sundays particularly hard. It used to be the day we met up with friends/family went for a meal etc.
Now we go for a walk, just the two of us. I'm fed up of walking with no pub meal at the end of it. I'm fed up with my own company.
I know i'm lucky to live with my husband but we are getting on each others nerves with nowhere to go to break the monotony!

MadameMarie Sun 31-May-20 20:38:52

All these arseholes not social distancing just makes me think why are we even bothering with it all? People will keep dying anyway due to all the selfishness. Just so fucked off with it.

Jammydodger6 Sun 31-May-20 20:54:09

I am struggling. DP and me and not getting on. I am just not happy. I am hoping when things return to normality, things will go back to how they were. I go back to work part time tomorrow so hopefully that’ll make a difference. Sick of being in each other’s pockets.

SpiritEssence Sun 31-May-20 22:52:26

Yep the amount of crap myself and other colleagues at work today we have faced is like ahats the point of working in a supermarket as it's getting ridiculous. On the bright side a very handsome armed police officer had a bit of laugh and joke with us while picking up a few bits and thanked us for what were doing. I also thanked him in return. grin

sweetkitty Sun 31-May-20 23:11:39

DH and I alternate making dinner and lunch then the other one cleans up with the help of a teenager. Our dishwasher is broken so we’ve had to wash dishes the old fashioned way and I’m not going to do it all myself when there’s at least 3 other people capable of doing it. Even my 10 year old son can bring in a washing for me, don’t do it all yourself OP.

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