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Getting so pissed off with the media.

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Whattodowhattodooo Sun 31-May-20 12:22:48

Anyone else?

I was watching Breakfast this morning and they had a 10 minute "Coronavirus, What next?" Section. It was introduced as an interview with Dr's in a London hospital as to whether they think there will be a second peak. "Ooh this could be interesting I thought. Facts, figures, models etc"

No. It was one consultant being asked whether he thought there would be a second peak. "Yes". That was it.....the rest of the piece was just Clive Mirie in a critical care unit, showing bodies being taken into a morgue. A patient having their trach removed from ventilation. Docs walking around saying "it doesnt look good, he won't make the night, call his family" and then the image of an empty bed because he had died. There was also no warning that it could contain scenes that may upset people......there bloody was.

Why do media outlets continue to constantly pump this kind of segment out? We know it is happening, and yes, to some extent it needs to be reported but its absolutely constant. I only watch Breakfast now as was going mental.... Think I may have to stop this too.... Cos it (and not to be flippant) really pissed on my cornflakes today.

Local news taking photos of beaches (clearly at a favourable angle) to "show" how packed they are. Busy yes, completely disregarding any social distancing? No!!

There are so many wonderful things going on even Corona related yet they feel the need to CONSTANTLY churn out the negative stuff, and then have the audacity to do the next story on how people's MH has taken a nose dive!!! No shit!!!!

Am I alone in this?!

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onalongsabbatical Sun 31-May-20 12:28:11

Breakfast news is not representative. It's paced and angled towards mornings and people's attention span being small (including on Sundays). You want other sources - Newsnight, C4 News, etc.
Breakfast the programme is not 'the media' it's a tiny slice of it.

user1497207191 Sun 31-May-20 12:33:24

Mainstream media has been appalling right from the start. Mis-reporting the guidance caused a lot of harm. How hard would it have been for them to read the official guidance as per before broadcasting a load of crap about what they thought the rules were clearly without bothering to check what they actually were. It's been like that ever since. Kuensberg and Peston asking questions that have already been answered just minutes before (are they incapable of thinking of something else to ask?), and clearly pushing their own agenda.

But yes, BBC breakfast in particular is so dumbed down it's pointless drivel.

madroid Sun 31-May-20 12:35:15

If they didn't show the reality ppl wd think it was made up.

It's also good to discourage mass exodus out over sunny weekend. With the best will in the world there are some spots where you simply cannot sd.

Bluntness100 Sun 31-May-20 12:37:00

The bbc is being roundly slated for their news coverage of this pandemic, it’s been nothing short of appalling, sensationalist scare mongering and much of it factually inaccurate. As in literally inaccurate.

I sat there one night and watched their medical correspondent tell everyone that the death toll would hit a thousand a day by the weekend and continue to rise past that, as it would keep doubling Every three to four days. It was clearly not going to happen and didn’t, but he still said it. On the six o clock news. There have been many, many other instances.

I think they have done themselves a lot of damage and it won’t be long after this that the government changes their status and it will be something like subscription or pay to view.

Other channels have much more representative views, sky news for example is good, it’s very wide ranging.

Uhoh2020 Sun 31-May-20 12:40:19

There was an article last week about there being 70 new cases since schools on France re opened out of 1.4 million children. The headline is there to scare people. The same story could have been schools returned in France and 99.995% of pupils remain virus free! But no one wants to read that do they? Everyone wants to concentrate on the negative

PerspicaciaTick Sun 31-May-20 12:43:39

If you are interested in proper experts and facts, I would recommend the excellent "More or less" on radio 4.

Orangeblossom78 Sun 31-May-20 14:41:08

If it were cancer or any other terrible disease such as strokes or heart disease would they report that, from hospices or hospitals , in its end stages, going on about pain and symptoms in great detail?

I don't think so, they would have more sensitivity and respect. But not for this.

noego Sun 31-May-20 15:01:38

I couldn't agree more OP. It has been abysmal and unintelligent. It has been sensationalised at times, cynical and negative at others.
The modern day reporter seems to have lost a curiosity for facts, figures and evidence and to put together information that is relevant and constructive to the public. In one piece I saw on Sky news about deaths at the peak it was even accompanied by heart rendering music whilst the commentator was putting on a voice that can only be described as morose. I wondered WHY the piece had to be even done at all.
I'd like them to investigate why 62% of care homes have had no deaths and the other 38% have. Why/how did 62% get it right and 38% didn't?
I'd like to know the True status of PPE in the world.
I also would like to know how they have through their negative, cynical, paranoia inducing reporting and commentating the amount of people affected by MH issues and maybe even suicides.
I would also like to see a public enquiry into the press coverage of the pandemic ASAP.

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