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Really worried am I being silly?

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MumOfAToddler26 Sat 30-May-20 16:45:10

So I'm really paranoid with the whole corona thing and this afternoon I was driving my car through the lanes when I pulled into a passing space so another car could pass.
He kept coming although the gap was a tight squeeze I was just going to go back but he had come so far coward we were both kind of stuck cars side to side with an inch or so to spare 🤦🏻‍♀️
I pressed my electric mirrors in and wound down my window so I could kind of lean out and see how close we were and he had his window open.
He was saying 'just keep going your ok' which I now realise was crafty as if I was moving and caught his car it would have been my fault.
Anyway I got him to move forward a bit as he was just sat there and then we both managed to pull forward and luckily didn't scratch either cars.
I'm now freaking out that I was potentially less than 2 metres away car window to window for a minute or so while we passed cars how likely is it to be exposed to Covid?! I know he would have to have it first, but assuming he did is just speaking a few words from a metre (maybe just under) a risk?
I'm totally aware I sound crazy but I'm just so worried about it all x

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effingterrified Sat 30-May-20 16:47:19

It's very low risk.

Quarantine yourself for 14 days if you're genuinely worried.

Girliefriendlikespuppies Sat 30-May-20 17:11:56

The risk is absolutely minimal even if he had the virus which he probably didn't.

You need to relax.

Sonnet18 Sat 30-May-20 17:42:41

I’m sorry to post...but you sound crazy.

BillywilliamV Sat 30-May-20 17:45:32

Oh FFS, get a grip, what is the point of being so scared of dying that you dont have bloody life in the first place,!

Ihopeyourcakeisshit Sat 30-May-20 17:46:20

I think you have more to worry about than catching covid.
You really need to work on your anxiety/noia

ChablisandCrisps Sat 30-May-20 17:48:24

You sound very anxious OP. The risk is basically non-existent I wouldn't give this a second thought. Might be worth speaking to someone about your worry levels.

Toomboom Sat 30-May-20 17:51:09

You sound quite paranoid. The risk will have been extremely low. You need to sort out your anxiety, this virus is going to be around for a long time so you will have to learn to live with it.

ekidmxcl Sat 30-May-20 17:51:13

Just forget about it. The chances of him having covid and transferring it to you are minuscule. Don’t give it another thought. I am sorry you feel so anxious, I know how shit it is. But just forget what happened.

SnoozyLou Sat 30-May-20 17:54:19

It’s 2 metres for more than 15 minutes. The chances are extremely remote.

I’ve been in hospital about 20 times since all this started, poked and prodded by various parties at very close quarters, and had the usual idiots not respecting social distancing (sitting/standing too close, breathing down your neck etc). I still haven’t caught it.

Famous last words....

Honestly, OP. I think you’re alright.

Parker231 Sat 30-May-20 17:55:12

It’s less contact than you’ll have in the supermarket.

wildcherries Sat 30-May-20 17:56:03

We need to learn to live with this virus for a long time. Please try to take a breath and relax. It's important to actually live while we're here.

Namenic Sat 30-May-20 18:09:10

It is v low risk for contracting corona. And even if you got it, most people do not get severe infection.

Twattergy Sat 30-May-20 18:14:13

My DH spent 2.5 hrs in the same car as someone who developed covid 24 hrs later (100% sure he had a test). He didn't get it (and the other person was fine after 5 days of being ill).

InFiveMins Sat 30-May-20 18:14:36

Surely your post is a wind up?

If not, please seek help from your GP.

PleasantVille Sat 30-May-20 18:18:19

Some people are going to have no life at all when restrictions are lifted if they worry about the tiniest thing.

Many weeks ago when lockdown was a new thing I remember a thread about a vicar who'd spoken to a baby nearer than 2m and the OP was told to get a grip, 10 weeks later and we don't appear to have moved on any.

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