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Family to stay

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outofthemoon Sat 30-May-20 13:39:57

All my family live many miles away. When do you think they will be able to come and stay?

UK holiday companies seem to be taking booking from 1st week of July.
Do you think it might be the same?

Thank you.

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ChocChip01 Sat 30-May-20 15:08:01

I have no idea but we are in a similar situation. Family live 3-4hour drive away.
It’s hard to see when they would allow for this if social distancing measures are remaining in place for the foreseeable future.
It is making me feel so down when I see more and more people can meet up with family in their gardens / park. But the recent changes makes no difference to us.

StatisticalSense Sat 30-May-20 15:13:10

Even when some forms of communal accommodation reopen I doubt it'll be safe to have family to stay in your own house. Hotels will be treated as glorified flats with the only food and drink options being socially distanced room service dropped off outside your bedroom door, with communal areas remaining closed, and all forms of accommodation will need to be professionally cleaned between visitors. Any type of accommodation that does not provide each household with their own bathroom and either a private kitchen or a comprehensive room service menu is unlikely to be allowed to open.

Redolent Sat 30-May-20 15:16:14

I’ll probably have mine to stay next month. Two weeks full self-isolation for each of us, and they’ll stay for a while to make the most of it.

outofthemoon Sat 30-May-20 15:44:05

In June? I would love that. Chocchip, I hope you are wrong.

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Bol87 Sat 30-May-20 16:29:52

At some point, I think you just have to assess the risk. My in-laws are making an 8 hour round trip tomorrow to see us for the day 😰 Setting off at 5am & going home in the evening! I know it’s technically not until Monday but my daughter goes back to nursery on Monday, at which point she’ll be mixing with multiple children & is able to hug her key worker. I have much more confidence that my in-laws have been super sensible & have only left their house for walks and occasionally essentials at the shop. As have we. I’ve no idea what her key worker has been doing nor the children she’ll mix with.

So I won’t be asking my 3 year old to socially distance. She can give them a hug. And play next to them. As adults, we’ll distance. We’ve all agreed to keep contact to a minimum with our daughter but I’m not going to keep telling her to move away..

After his visit, we won’t see them again until we are allowed.. god knows when that will be sad it all seems very gloomy. So I’m going to thoroughly enjoy a day in the garden with them tomorrow!

Thewheelsonthebus23 Sat 30-May-20 16:52:26

We are in the same boat.
We are all supposed to be going on a UK based self catering holiday at the end of July. Me, DP, DS, DM, DF and DB with his partner. I’m holding onto so much hope that it goes ahead.
Also if restrictions are lifted on air b&bs spon then my parents said they’d come up to visit. I’m desperate to see them soon and they are desperate to see us, particularly their only grandson. Although my mum feels it’ll be horrible to see him and not be able to cuddle him. Although by then restrictions may have been lifted with regards to physical contact with close family. I certainly hope so.

Racoonworld Sat 30-May-20 17:58:55

I think it will be end of July/beginning of August. As much as I want to see my family I'm hoping the restrictions aren't lifted too much before then to give the infection rate a chance to go down a bit further.

thanksamillion Sat 30-May-20 19:59:15

I think we're likely to try and meet somewhere in the middle in the next couple of weeks (also four hours away). We've done it before (pre lockdown) at National Trust places. It'll be tricky but it's doable.

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