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In tears about the SE grant

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SpringBlossomIsBeautiful Fri 29-May-20 17:15:35

Just that
I’ve been self employed since last April & earned about £26k
I’m just so pissed off
£23.44 in UC because I’ve had to continue to work doing every fucking shit job imaginable
I’m just fucking pissed off & exhausted right now

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AlltheRs Fri 29-May-20 18:46:08

I hear you. I really do (apart from the UC - was refused that) There's a lot of us being thrown to the wolves - all we can do is accept that there is no help for us therefore we have to use our 'instincts' to survive any way we can.

tidyupandeatyourgreens Sat 30-May-20 12:02:42

I really feel for you OP, I've also fallen through the gaps on this one. Although I've been self employed as a massage therapist for 14 years, it only became my main source of income from the 1st Jan this year as I was made redundant from my part time employed job (of 18 years) on 31/12/19. The timing could not be worse and I feel so angry and bitter that I'm getting zero help. I can't claim the SE grant as my self employed work wasn't more than 50% of my income for the last 3 tax years (although my neighbour who's a builder told me he's claiming it despite having carried on working throughout the crisis!), I can't claim UC (because my husband works full time as an NHS nurse), I can't claim job seekers allowance as I'm at home with 2 kids and not available for full time work and I can't claim anything else!

What jobs are you doing in the meantime? It's so demoralising isn't it? I've started to do beginner's French lessons online with a lady (£15 a week - not much but something) and I'm going to do some decorating for a friend when I can.

It just feels that some are being helped so much and for so long but others like us who have always worked and paid taxes and NI over the years, can't claim a penny. I'm trying not let it consume me and accept it for what it is but it's extremely hard. I really feel for you.

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