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We may as well just get back to normal

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TheLadyAnneNeville Fri 29-May-20 16:35:01

I’ve NO idea what’s really going on.

Went to Aldi today. Really long queue and obviously it’s hot, so was really relieved to get inside the store. Shopped. At the checkout, the bloke behind me putting stuff on the belt was getting closer and closer. Then he starts clearing his throat, like he had a frog in it. Probably nothing but I started to feel really anxious and just wanted to get out of there.

Took the dog out this afternoon down by a quiet river spot. Hoards of kids, teens really. Lying on towels, all really close 25+ of them. Lads jumping in the river by the sign saying “Not safe. Keep out of the water”. Rubbish everywhere, plastic bottles and food packaging. They’d even set up a disposable BBQ.

Called in to Boots this morning to pick up son’s meds. I bought some 3 for 2 vitamins. I’d picked up the wrong one to qualify and the woman behind the counter said ‘step away from the counter’ In a really nasty way when I reached out to retrieve them and get the right ones.

I’m old. I’m 58. Is it me? Am I just turning into a curmudgeon? I feel really upset and confused by what’s going on. It’s like it’s all normal but it’s not. I’m suddenly feeling really fearful. It’s all so alien (yes I kNow we’ve been doing it since March 😊) but I feel like I should maybe go home, shut the door and stay there. Forever.

I don’t fit in with the world anymore.

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Keepdistance Fri 29-May-20 16:54:15

We had what might have been cv in april and dp does seem to have been left with a throat clearing which he never had before.
Imo its ok for teens to catch it but it would be better over the summer not passing it all round school and to each other.
It's worse if kids/teens are now socialising and drawing everyone else into it when at school

BackInTime Fri 29-May-20 16:56:23

I agree OP, it's like a parallel universe where rules are stringently applied in some circumstances but not in others. Some people are very relaxed maybe too much so and others over cautious it's hard to know how to behave. This is what happens when the rules are no longer clear or no longer enforceable. Having a chaotic untrustworthy government that keeps making stuff up as they go along is largely responsible.

jellybeanz1212 Fri 29-May-20 16:56:24

Seen loads of groups of teens out cycling home from work and yes rubbish everywhere.
Get them all back in school they won't be out all day then

twinnywinny14 Fri 29-May-20 16:57:34

This is a far more risky period than prior to lockdown imo. People are moving so fast and are forgetting basic advice and rules. This could spiral quickly I fear, but I hope it’s not

LockdownLucie Fri 29-May-20 16:59:18

Its fine if some teens catch it providing they don’t have any unknown health vulnerability, nor do their parents, siblings or any relatives they come into contact with. But it is pressurising other teens to socialise recklessly who do have family members with vulnerable health or if any of the teens parents or siblings pass it on to an elderly person etc.

Fluffyglitterystuff Fri 29-May-20 17:01:02

Op I know exactly what you mean. I feel quite overwhelmed by it all. The world has changed and I don't quite know where I fit into it.

I certainly don't want to stay locked down forever, but as the restrictions are eased I'm finding this 'new normal' really confusing and overwhelming.

I look outside and everyone seems to be doing exactly what they like.

kirkandpetal Fri 29-May-20 17:03:48

This is the bit I was dreading. A slight relaxation of the rules and it's like lockdown never happened. People everywhere. Exacerbated by the weather too of course. Just praying we've all done enough to not get a massive resurgence.

BillywilliamV Fri 29-May-20 17:07:29

Why do you people sit regurgitating this stuff to eachother? It cant be doing your blood pressure any good.
There's not a bloody thing you can do about any of it. Go and sit in the garden with a glass of wine and stay of MN for a bit, you'll all feel better!

obviouslymarvellous Fri 29-May-20 17:11:29

I know exactly what you mean - I said the same thing today that we don't fit in anymore. We have had some awful days at home as we have had no respite (one of our children is autistic and has very challenging behaviour ) we have followed the guidelines and not broke them once, meanwhile from the start of the week we have had neighbours kids sharing paddling pools, playing outside together, parents drinking together etc etc I feel really mean saying my children can't play out but I want to protect them and us. These are the same people out clapping each Thursday professing stay at home on social media! hmmI think lockdown has made me so wound up lately that I am literally screaming to myself keep your opinions to yourself and just worry about your own family. If we have a second spike because of this I will be so sad.

The80sweregreat Fri 29-May-20 17:13:28

Some people are just more relaxed than others. Some are taking it much too far but many haven't taken measures far enough.
Some are in the middle somewhere and with some it's just common sense.
I've abided by the rules as much as I can and really tried. It's been easier for me than others I'm sure as I don't have little children around or had to work.
It's busier now than ever before and less stressful so I guess things are generally lifting. If this is good or bad I don't know.

SureTry Fri 29-May-20 17:21:50

I agree OP, it's bizarre out there. I've got neighbours who have had grandparents staying over for the last week, endless emails from stores announcing that they're opening on 3rd June. It's as if everyone thinks Covid-19 is taking some kind of break.

I completely understand that businesses need to reopen to save our economy but I can't understand what has changed to suddenly make it safe for all this sudden change.

Kurzgesagt Fri 29-May-20 18:13:23

We’ve been quiet at work for a few weeks with very few covid admissions. We had 5 over the last 24-36 hours, very sick. Sadly most of the staff from theatres and the wards have been repatriated so hard to think how busy it might get sad

TheLadyAnneNeville Fri 29-May-20 18:24:37

Having a 🍷 and listening to the birds in the garden. It’s all going on “out there” but not for me. I feel former reclusive habits coming in again.

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ainsisoisje Fri 29-May-20 18:41:24

I think people are just genuinely unsure of how to act now so some people are still taking it seriously and others will just get back to normal. Neighbours last night started having beers chatting well close to midnight. I'm probably going to be cautious for longer as can't help feeling we will have another spike and this is a bit of a test confused.

Bluntness100 Fri 29-May-20 18:44:54

58 isn’t old but sounds like you maybe suffer from anxiety op. If you genuinely struggle to cope your gp can help.

Bluntness100 Fri 29-May-20 18:47:41

I can't understand what has changed to suddenly make it safe for all this sudden change

We didn’t lock down to make it safe, we locked down to protect the nhs from becoming over whelmed. I really don’t understand how some folks just can’t grasp that.

The virus isn’t going away. But now we do know who it impacts and how to protect ourselves and take personal responsibility.

Derbygerbil Fri 29-May-20 18:52:37


The Op appears to be showing natural anxiety with a highly confusing and uncertain situation. It doesn’t seem to be close to a threshold requiring medicalisation!

Derbygerbil Fri 29-May-20 18:54:35

We didn’t lock down to make it safe, we locked down to protect the nhs from becoming over whelmed. I really don’t understand how some folks just can’t grasp that.

By implication, we locked down to make things safer.

Smileyoriley Fri 29-May-20 18:58:05

@TheLadyAnneNeville, Good idea! Some people are behaving pretty bizarrely, veering between behaving recklessly as if the virus doesn't exist and others becoming absolutely paranoid as if it could jump on them through the ether. I think it's the unknown quantity of the current situation, but I find it disturbing too. 🥂

PasserbyEffect Fri 29-May-20 19:04:01

We didn’t lock down to make it safe
Dammit, I must have dreamt the "save lives" part of the slogan

crimsonlake Fri 29-May-20 19:16:09

I agree that for many they are behaving as if the virus has disappeared.
Op if I was you I would for astart avoid visting so many shops in one day, that would help.
I have to say people around me seemed to have eased their own lockdown at least 3 weeks ago. My neighbours...well they never really had one.
I am still being cautious, I want proof that the numbers are not sudenly going to increase and I do not want to be one of them if I can help it.

TheLadyAnneNeville Fri 29-May-20 19:39:50

@Crimsonlake 😊. Yes, have been out a bit today. I have to walk the dog. And thanks to GP doing wrong prescription for ds, I HAD to go to Boots two days running.

Aldi.. well, needs must?

I’m not what I’d describe as an overly anxious person but all this really has given me the heeby jeebys 😊

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MadameMarie Fri 29-May-20 19:52:16

It's just turned into one long party.

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