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Why not put school lessons on television?

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spottedelk Fri 29-May-20 12:10:09

In Brazil, where a lot of families don't have wifi or don't have computers, at least one of the regional governments has set up a new TV channel and is using it to broadcast school lessons. The children have 2 opportunities a day to watch the lessons for their age group. Almost every family has a television set, even in a country which has very high levels of inequality.
I understand that different schools teach differently, that they don't do work in the same order, etc, but for the new school year surely this would solve a lot of problems? They just need to put together a small team of excellent teachers, with some technical support, and they can go a long way to solving the problems that so many of our children are having. My child will be in an exam year next year and will only get 2 days of school a week. So far, she's had no live or videoed teaching, just written homework. This would help her and others in her position so much.

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nowaitaminute Fri 29-May-20 12:11:28

Yep they did it in Ireland!

Rainycloudyday Fri 29-May-20 12:17:54

This is a very good question and something that had never occurred to me!

ToothFairyNemesis Fri 29-May-20 12:20:08

They have, it’s called BBC Bitesize.

ToothFairyNemesis Fri 29-May-20 12:20:57

Also have you used Oak national academy? You can cast that to your tv with chrome cast Apple TV etc.

7ofNine Fri 29-May-20 12:21:42

Bitesize is only available to those with a TV licence, not all children.

rhubarbfizzy Fri 29-May-20 12:23:19

Yep, they did it in France : lumni

TheDrsDocMartens Fri 29-May-20 12:25:44

The curriculum is taught in different orders in different schools. So year 3 may do Romans at one school and Victorians at another.
Maths and English don’t vary much though.

Greysparkles Fri 29-May-20 12:27:01

@ToothFairyNemesis you have spectacularly missed the point that not all children have access to the Internet, or Google chrome.

metalkprettyoneday Fri 29-May-20 12:28:50

We had a home learning channel on tv for lockdown too.( NZ)

ToothFairyNemesis Fri 29-May-20 12:30:27

@Greysparkles no you have missed the point I said bbc bitesize lessons are on tv. The Oak academy was an added extra for those that can access it. Maybe read both my posts before commenting.

ElizabethMainwaring Fri 29-May-20 12:31:49

Brilliant. Simple. Inclusive. Free.hmm
It'll never happen

ToothFairyNemesis Fri 29-May-20 12:32:29

Bitesize is only available to those with a TV licence, not all children.
The bbc is our national tv service though, it’s not going to be on itv is it. Some people will always find fault. The vast majority of children have either a tv license or access to internet. If they have a tv but no license then they will have internet.

GrammarTeacher Fri 29-May-20 12:34:24

The BBC planned one of these ages ago. They had to stop it as it was anti-competitive according to private tuition providers.

trollopolis Fri 29-May-20 12:35:22

Which TV channel is Bitesize on?

Red button?

Pacmanitee Fri 29-May-20 12:37:10

If they have a tv but no license then they will have internet.

Oh do they, best let the many households where that isn't the case know.

PineappleUpsideDownCake Fri 29-May-20 12:38:41

Bbc bitesize is brilliiant. Cant really want more than a programme for every age group on every shool day on national tv can we??

ToothFairyNemesis Fri 29-May-20 12:47:28

@Pacmanitee if households have a tv but no licence the only way they can legally watch tv programs is via catch up services non iPlayer via the internet.

spottedelk Fri 29-May-20 13:00:59

1 lesson a day obviously isn't enough. It's a new school year - so all children can do Romans at the same time can't they?

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ToothFairyNemesis Fri 29-May-20 13:03:56

It’s not a new school year?

KingOfDogShite Fri 29-May-20 13:05:11

Children of parents who choose to have a TV license should not miss out because some children’s parents choose not to confused

7ofNine Fri 29-May-20 13:05:17

@toothfairynemesis you cannot access the bitesize lessons without a licence. They are not available for viewing through the internet unless you have a licence. I checked (I don't have a TV licence).
The bitesize webpages are available to internet users, but they don't have access to the lessons.

7ofNine Fri 29-May-20 13:07:10

A TV licence isn't a "choice" for some families king.
It's an expense they can live without.

Aroundtheworldin80moves Fri 29-May-20 13:07:15

Bitesize has been the medium that my DDs have engaged most with.
If they could produce a workbook to go with it, that would be brilliant too.

spottedelk Fri 29-May-20 13:52:30

I'm talking about the new school year from August/September. Not sure what's happening in England, but here in Scotland children will apparently only get 2 days a week in school.
The governments of the UK should not sacrifice the education of 98% of children because of the (I'll take a guess) 2% that can't access television programmes. In fact, my family doesn't have a TV licence, but I would prioritise it and get a licence if lessons went online. For those who can't afford a licence for a year, grants could be provided.

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