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Emily Maitless

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spotlighton Fri 29-May-20 08:22:45

Is that it then, has EM lost her job?
She wasn't on again last night.

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claragolightly Fri 29-May-20 09:16:17

She hasn't lost her job, thank goodness.

She said yesterday that she asked for the night off on Wednesday, following the furore.

She usually presents the show Mon - Wed so wouldn't have been on air yesterday regardless.

middleager Fri 29-May-20 09:22:58

I want to see her back next week. Appalled by the treatment towards her.

onalongsabbatical Fri 29-May-20 09:24:42

She took one night off. Don't be diverted from the bigger injustice - that Dominic Cummings is still in his job.

nolovelost Fri 29-May-20 13:49:00

What did she do? Sorry I'm a bit behind!

onalongsabbatical Fri 29-May-20 14:19:46

nolovelost she intro-ed Newsnight with a scathing summing up of Govt response to Cummings, and got rapped on knuckles for not following BBC impartiality. She then asked for a night off and everyone went bananas because they thought she'd been sacked or pulled from the programme, which proved not to be the case.
She's brilliant, but it's a storm in a teacup compared to Cummings still being employed, IMHO. Hang on I'll try and get a link to the intro she did, it's worth a listen.

onalongsabbatical Fri 29-May-20 14:21:42

Here you go. Embedded in an article about it.

nolovelost Fri 29-May-20 14:43:41

Thanks for that. Yeah she wasn't impartial but didn't really say much wrong! It's a shame they have to stay factual!!

onalongsabbatical Fri 29-May-20 14:46:34

Well you know the whole impartiality thing led the BBC to having to give climate change deniers as much time as climate change truth tellers, and they've only just reversed that one, so impartiality is defo not it's all cracked up to be. Besides which it's nothing stronger than say, Paxman, might have said in his day.
I say go Emily, don't stop sticking it to them.

NotEverythingIsBlackandWhite Fri 29-May-20 15:08:52

Emily Maitless is meant to impartially report the news and not treat the programme as a forum for representing her own personal opinions. She needs to decide whether she can do that or not. If not, I'm sure she could land another job on a different channel in a role that would enable her to represent her own views.

The BBC is meant to be impartial because of its funding. I'm sure no-one would like it if it was not subject to laws of impartiality and they actively promoted everything the government said in order to secure more funding.

RainMustFall Fri 29-May-20 15:21:25

NotEverything is right, presenting the news is an inappropriate occasion to share one's own views. It's unprofessional and there are plenty of other programmes available for that. The BBC is predominantly left wing so I'm not surprised by what she did and frankly them being impartial is a joke..

spotlighton Fri 29-May-20 23:40:31

Phew! I didn't realise she was only Mon-Weds, I'm a big fan of the bbc female reporters/presenters and I would hate she to be sacked for saying what we all have been thinking.
The idea that the news can be or is impartial is a lovely idea, up there with Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy, so good for her.

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Louisianna16 Fri 29-May-20 23:44:05

She also has a contractual duty to remain impartial. All BBC journalists have to sign an impartiality Claude.

Louisianna16 Fri 29-May-20 23:44:33

*clause 😄

Tr1skel1on Fri 29-May-20 23:51:32

I think the BBC might be getting the impartial stance right. The left wing people generally think it is biased towards right wing views and vice versa.

The end result is everyone is shouting at the BBC and refusing to pay the license fee.

For me the stand out success reporting during the pandemic has been the Guardian. I normally visit the website for recipies, I didn't expect to stay for excellent current affairs journalism

Astabarista Fri 29-May-20 23:54:45

If she wasn’t impartial then Andrew Neil and Jeremy Paxman weren’t many many times.

MsHeffaPiglet Sat 30-May-20 01:57:14

Emily Maitless is terrible on Newsnight and I am pleased she was called out on her obvious bias on this occasion.

I much prefer the other presenters on Newsnight, who are much better interviewers than Maitless

MummyPop00 Sat 30-May-20 09:53:25

Effectively a party political broadcast from Maitlis on behalf of the opposition. Absolutely dreadful. Report the facts only without statements of bias. If you then want opinions, by all means get them - get some politicos on the show to argue contrasting views
in their overt guise as politicos.

In general, licence fee needs to go, BBC needs to get in the real world, it’s an overly bloated anachronism

Earnsomething Sat 30-May-20 09:57:44

How was giving DC and hour and a half of air time, plus the half hour he wasted by being late, impartial, if a few seconds summing up the other position wasn't?

I wrote to the BBC in support of EM, they haven't replied .

MockersxxxxxxxSocialDistancing Sat 30-May-20 10:00:22

Journalists must never be impartial about the truth.

MsSafina Sat 30-May-20 10:19:02

The most appalling bias from the BBC was when that Canadian journalist (can't remember her name) openly wept when she announced Arafat's death. It's been used ever since as an example of what BBC employees shouldn't do. The BBC is supposed to be impartial and has said Maitless broke those rules. I don't watch that programme to hear a sermon.

MummyPop00 Sat 30-May-20 10:43:00

Cummings had his over indulgent presser televised yes, but there were plenty of unfavourable questions to him also televised were there not?

MadameMarie Sat 30-May-20 11:12:20

I think the BBC might be getting the impartial stance right. The left wing people generally think it is biased towards right wing views and vice versa.

This is the biggest myth.

The BBC is used as a political football by the government of the day (which in a Conservative country is usually the Tories) and are scared to challenge the government. If they do they're threatened with no access to ministers (which Newsnight already have for challenging the government) and further down the line scrapping the license fee and the BBC charter.

Therefore the BBC bosses are scared of pissing off the government. The BBC bosses are coincidentally also handpicked by the government.

The left shout bias when Corbyn was deemed to be not given fair treatment (Kuenssberg gets away with worse than what Maitlis was slapped down for). The Tories shout bias when they're challenged in any way at all.

MummyPop00 Sat 30-May-20 11:20:10

Idea that the Beeb is afraid of attacking the government is nonsense. Comedy for instance is frequently used as a vehicle to do this and has been since I remember (Thatcher onwards)

MadameMarie Sat 30-May-20 12:00:40

@MummyPop The News and Current Affairs output is where the fear is. I'd agree the celebrity aspect of the BBC is quite liberal biased but Corbyn would always get it in the neck too.

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