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Parent higher risk group - sending child back to school??

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Zem74 Fri 29-May-20 07:59:30

Just wondering if anyone is in the same position?

I firstly received the NHS 12 week vulnerable letter due to medication I take for Crohns, but was later told by IBD nurse that I am actually at moderate risk, not high.

I have a foundation year 5 year old who I will be sending back to school next week. 1 day per week in a class of 5. My view is that life will have to carry on around this, I don’t see that it will have disappeared by September, and she is suffering being away from learning and social interaction. She is mentally very mature for her age and was thriving at school, she needs it even if it is just for one day.
Not looking for someone to tell me if this is the right or wrong choice, I believe everyone is doing what they think is right for their child/family. Just wondering if anyone else who is at a higher risk has also decided to send their child back?

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Hadenoughfornow Fri 29-May-20 08:11:56

I am not sure i would send back now. What about sending back at end of June so last 3 weeks.

My child is going back but we are low risk (DH maybe a bit higher risk).

We are pleased with how the school are managing it.

But if you wait a few weeks then we may have a better idea of how well it works and if there is a spike in infections.

Although truthfully, i don't think my child will have that much chance of catching it- not negligible but low.

Zem74 Fri 29-May-20 08:20:25

Am totally happy with how the school propose to deal with them coming back. I’m early 30s healthy And well but take low dose immunesuppressors which puts me at moderate risk.

I don’t think keeping child at home until there is a vaccine is right, it may never happen! I’m not sending my youngest back to preschool as she has no understanding of distancing/hand washing etc but my 5 year old ‘gets it’

Just looking for anyone who’s in the same boat really?

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onemouseplace Fri 29-May-20 08:28:04

I’m in exactly the same position (IBD - low-ish dose immunosuppressants, disease under control) and I would like to send DC back. DC3 is in one of initial years going back, but her school isn’t taking that year unfortunately.

I’ve weighed it up and think we can be very low risk in other areas (DH working from home, no family locally so don’t feel pressured to socialise, happy to continue online deliveries) so on balance it’s worth it for us.

Serenrose Fri 29-May-20 08:54:20

I have MS which is a condition in the moderate group and have decided that my DD will return next week. I'm happy with the precautions being put in place at the setting and on balance, consider the benefits outweighs the risks. The decision isn't irreversible though, in that if I decide at any point that it's too risky (eg if infection rates rise, I am no longer satisfied with the precautions etc) I can just take her back out again. So I'll be keeping an eye on the situation. But I think we are all quite excited about the return and the benefits it will bring. She is very excited to be seeing her friends again!

Zem74 Fri 29-May-20 09:12:06

@onemouseplace @Serenrose thank you so much! So nice to hear views of those in the same position. Definitely wasn’t an easy decision for me to make but my gut feeling is that she should go back when weighing up the risk v benefit
So hard because I don’t know anyone in the same position as me!

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