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Strange nails COVID-19 related?

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Hellswithbigbells Thu 28-May-20 11:40:07

I was quite unwell end of March beginning of May with many CV symptoms, although untested.

I have strange crescent shaped white marks under all of my nails, about half way up, spanning from one side to another. Its not something I have had before and I was wondering if anyone, who thinks they may have had COVID-19 has had similar or if its something else I should be worried about.

Dr Google is not particularly helpful and is full of doom on the matter grin

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NotAnotherUserNumber Thu 28-May-20 11:51:56

Do they disappear if you apply pressure to the nail? Also are they ridged or just flat?

It’s some sort of nail bed disruptions such as Mees’ lines or Beau’s lines. Any form of damage or metabolic stress can cause this, one example is a viral infection.

Hellswithbigbells Thu 28-May-20 12:38:35

They are not ridged but appear to be under the nail and don't disappear when pressed. They are on every single nail but more prominent on my first and middle fingers. Having a look at your suggestions above they are more like the Mees' lines as the nail is smooth. There are a variety of suggestions as to what it may be down too shock but your suggestion makes perfect sense, thank you I will stop worrying now smile

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