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Are schools....

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rararararara Wed 27-May-20 21:06:12

definitely opening for YR, Y1 & Y6 on 1st June in England?

Or are we waiting for final confirmation after the review tomorrow?

I'm hearing conflicting information and keen to know.

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dementedpixie Wed 27-May-20 21:09:25

Depends on the school probably

NotAnotherUserNumber Wed 27-May-20 21:09:57

It won’t be announced until tomorrow afternoon, so nobody can answer accurately until then.

Deelish75 Wed 27-May-20 21:10:29

Boris pretty much said in Monday’s press briefing that schools would be reopening FROM 1st. Tomorrow is lockdown review so he’ll give his final say so then - but I think it’ll be a formality. My dc’s school isn’t opening until the 8th.

CrumpetandSausage Wed 27-May-20 21:11:09

DD’s school is only opening for yr 6. Communication from school this evening implied no other year levels going back before September.

TerrapinStation Wed 27-May-20 21:15:27

The only information that matters is from your own school, I'd wait and see what they tell you, there really isn't going to be anything like a set answer. There's going to be as nearly as many answers as there are schools don't worry about what any other school decides to do.

IamChipmunk Wed 27-May-20 21:16:53

We have had info from ds primary school today saying they are planning to open on 2nd June subject to govt review/dfe guidelines tomorrow or Fri.

Im a secondary teacher. We are planning 'something' for yr 10/12 but not until 8th June, again subject to dfe guidance.

I don't think anyone really knows yet...

rararararara Wed 27-May-20 21:29:10

Ok thanks all for responding. So it seems that it's not a definite yes at the moment then, it is pending governments say so.

I thought it was cut and dried and then someone said to me tonight they thought it was pending government review. We weren't sure who was right!

Assuming the government will be looking to see what the R levels are and if they're not satisfactorily they won't open.

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lazylockdowner Wed 27-May-20 21:46:17

School I work at has notified us today that they won't be reopening until at least 15th June now... I'm waiting to see if my dc school follow

Starlightstarbright1 Wed 27-May-20 21:50:55

The confirmation date is the 28 th but I have no doubts Boris will push through regardless.

IHateCoronavirus Wed 27-May-20 21:54:05

Ours isn’t. We are having an expanded key worker group from 1st then depending on what gov say the other groups will be started one by one until we have reached capacity with the new guidelines. For our school it is >90 children so I doubt we will be offering everyone a place unless things are relaxed.

Reversiblesequinsforadults Wed 27-May-20 21:57:15

Our school has said that they will begin to get more children in from Thursday next week, but not all children in reception, y1 and y6 will be able to fit. They've made it very clear that they think it's ridiculous to try social distancing with the little ones and have actively discouraged parents. Other yeargroups won't be back until September.

BikeRunSki Wed 27-May-20 21:59:21

DS’s school is not opening on 1 June, possibly 8th.

stairway Wed 27-May-20 22:03:14

My kids school is not opening until at least the 15th and it seems unlikely reception will go back at all this school year. I’ve now asked for my children to go back under key worker provision as they are suffering and work want me working more hours.

Pegase Wed 27-May-20 22:03:19

@IamChipmunk the new secondary guidance is nothing before 15th June

Notsafetogo Wed 27-May-20 22:04:26

Our local council has advised schools not to open until the 8th.

IamChipmunk Wed 27-May-20 22:05:31

Ah, well there we go!
I guess that will be in the update from our head this week...

Juanmorebeer Wed 27-May-20 22:10:15

Our junior school sent out today that they are welcoming year 6 back for 2 days a week from June 8th. Then moving up to 4 days per week for Fridays consistently off for deep clean

StaffAssociationRepresentative Wed 27-May-20 22:22:05

Your school will tell you what is happening and when.

Just because Boris say 1st or 15th is irrelevant. Check with your school

manicinsomniac Wed 27-May-20 22:52:32

We're opening on 2nd June for those groups unless govt says no tomorrow.

DBML Thu 28-May-20 02:21:13

It’ll depend on the school. The government have conceded that they understand that not all schools will be ready to open on the 1st.

Check your school’s website or look out for tweets; mail; emails etc to let you know.

MotorwayDiva Thu 28-May-20 06:38:21

Some councils aren't allowing schools to re open, our council last night published a memo advising schools not to open to more children than currently taking we are awaiting confirmation from school. It's a nightmare these are young children who need time to adjust to going back, not told yes or no a few days beforehand.

AdalindMeisner Thu 28-May-20 08:56:34

Our school were not going to open to the little ones, only yr 6 if they could (they are open for vulnerable and keyworker children). Now our county council have said that the governments own 5 point criteria has not been met so schools shouldn't open (with a caveat saying a headmaster can choose to open if they are determined but they recommend against it).

Aragog Thu 28-May-20 09:06:42

It's FROM the 1st and only if the schools are able.
I think the official decision, based on if we've met the 5 criteria, is tomorrow - Thursday - isn't it?

My school, however, won't widen its opening until 8 June and it will then only be extended to reception children, in addition to KW/vulnerable children who are already in.

Squiffyyy Thu 28-May-20 09:20:59

My children's school is open to key workers/vulnerable children only, and pending local council agreement they'll open for year 6 on the 15th June. I recieved a letter stating everything they will be doing to minimise the risk and it isn't a pleasant read. The letter ends with the headteacher saying "As you can see, the measures above are completely against the ethos we strive towards at X. There has been much discussion about the mental wellbeing of children not attending school, this is important - but I have concerns about the impact that some of the measures on returning children who will be expecting our school to be the same as when they left us in March. The government has announced that it will not be fining parents for non attendance and I would fully support you in that decision."

That was very telling for me. The measures in place are grim.

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