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Driving Mum to appointment

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2019bride Thu 28-May-20 07:35:19

Thank you all for your replies. I think I was concerned as I know her neighbours are curtain twitchers and would definitely have something to say shout without knowing all the facts 🙄

@TeddyIsaHe ah yes, using my intuition to test my eyesight 😂

@Inkpaperstars yes, seemingly all ok but will take precautions anyway.

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TeddyIsaHe Thu 28-May-20 07:15:39

If you do get stopped just say you’re testing your eyesight grin

No it’ll be fine. Keep the windows open, wear a mask if you have one and sanitise everything before your mum gets in.

funmummy48 Thu 28-May-20 07:03:58

I wouldn’t give this a second thought. No one will care. There are lots of multi-occupant cars on the road now.

Inkpaperstars Thu 28-May-20 03:56:14

You won't get stopped or questioned but even if you did it's fine, it's helping a vulnerable person and accessing medical care.

Inkpaperstars Thu 28-May-20 03:54:48

Are not! Are not having a high level of exposure.

Inkpaperstars Thu 28-May-20 03:54:21

I think it's the safest option for your mum provided you are having a high level of exposure yourself. Do the mask, open the window (?) and sit as far apart as possible. Don't sing grin , apparently that emits more droplets, and talking loudly emits more droplets than soft or no talking. I mean, unlikely either of you has it but just in case.

Apparently loud spoken and long winded people like me are known as super emitters blush.

Pinkblueberry Wed 27-May-20 17:37:41

I’ve just been to the local park with DH and DS - I think the ‘two metre distancing and socialising with just your household’ ship has sailed... so worrying about whether something like this (a genuinely necessary reason to see someone outside your household) is pointless. Who’s going to ‘catch you out?’ Is anyone even policing this anymore? They’re not breaking up gatherings in local places so I doubt anyone would bat an eyelid at you and your mum who could very well be living with you.

2019bride Wed 27-May-20 17:34:43

Thanks for the quick responses! Will look at fashioning a mask this evening and find myself a magazine, I might be there a while.

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ifonly4 Wed 27-May-20 17:15:37

One way you can protect yourselves is by both wearing masks/face coverings (DH made one out of two dishcloths folded up and rubber bands) for an emergency. Obviously use santizer before your Mum touches the car and after you touch the masks.

Gonegrey31 Wed 27-May-20 17:00:39

I’m sure that is fine. If your mother needs to attend this appointment, you should help her get there. You have explained that there is no alternative available to her. I have taken my mother to 2 hospital appointments in the past fortnight for a serious and fast moving condition. I doubt that you will be allowed to accompany your mother into the surgery/ hospital , so take a book or something.

2019bride Wed 27-May-20 16:53:36

Hi all,

I've tried looking online but I'm getting mixed messages.

My mum has an appointment tomorrow, it's going ahead as normal and she has no way of getting there (she doesn't drive and public transport won't get her there in time) so my question is, can I drive her there as she's not in my household? It could be classed as caring for someone and essential travel I guess but I didn't want to get caught out as it seems a bit of a grey area to me.

Thanks in advance!

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