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Dom Cummings retrofits his blog to say he predicted pandemic

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MrsSpenserGregson Wed 27-May-20 08:05:33

FFS. Yes, sorry, it's another Cummings thread.

BBC article here by Faisal Islam

The gist of it is: during the lovely rose garden press conference, DC said ""only last year I wrote explicitly about the danger of coronaviruses"

Turns out his blog was edited ON 14th APRIL THIS YEAR to mention coronavirus.

14th April was the day DC returned to work after his jaunt(s) to Durham.

And then he drew attention to it during the press conference this week, trying to deflect attention from his shonky actions by pretending to be some pandemic seer.

And this deceitful man pulls the strings of our Prime Minister.

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Greenpoppins Wed 27-May-20 09:41:27

At my workplace if you altered something, even if it was a personal blog that you bought up in a work context, it would be a serious matter. Total lack of integrity.

Greenpoppins Wed 27-May-20 09:43:33

**I meant 'brought up'

PinkCrayon Wed 27-May-20 09:46:15

I cant believe they are allowed to get away with so many lies, its shocking.

HeyChief Wed 27-May-20 10:04:32

I’m not sure if this is shocking or unsurprising. Or somehow both!

Lynda07 Wed 27-May-20 10:08:31

It doesn't mean he didn't warn about possible pandemics, only that it wasn't in his blog or that blog. I'm not sticking up for him about anything and dislike this government but it doesn't strike me as the sort of thing he would lie about.

effingterrified Wed 27-May-20 11:04:53

In any normal job, the man would be fired.

But as he clearly has Kompromat on Johnson, he is still in post.

It's really painful to watch.

MrsSpenserGregson Wed 27-May-20 11:36:38

The barefaced lies. The utter contempt for the public. It's disgusting.

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kimlo Wed 27-May-20 11:42:08

@HeyChief it's not suprising, it's just pathetic.

B1rdbra1n Wed 27-May-20 11:48:17

It's the only explanation isn't it
I'm astounded at what he's getting away with 😳

B1rdbra1n Wed 27-May-20 11:49:52

Doesn't strike me as the sort of thing he would lie about
Oh come off it
What are you ....his press secretary🙄

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