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About taking kids to nursery / school.

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riolou Wed 27-May-20 07:36:02

Hi I have a child that's in nursery and one that's in school. Me and DP have struggled on what to do should they're class go back to school. I have said right from the get go that it was an absolute no go and to be honest we're feeling the worst parents right now we can see how bad this is effecting them! My daughters behaviour since turning 3 has come out of nowhere we do lots of indoor/outdoor activities with all children we bought trampolines,sandpits,football nets,basketball net, swimming pool,bikes and swing set! So these children cannot get bored but I find my children just sat down when there bored of being outside staring into thin air crying and carrying on all day 2&3 year old eldest doesn't carry on at all.
I have ocd anxiety which is where I'm scared something will happen to my children/family so this decision I need advice on do I send my children back to get a bit of normality , education , happiness? If anything happens to them I'll blame myself everyday of my life I just don't no what to do?😒

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Ginfilledcats Wed 27-May-20 07:47:31

Unless they have a health condition your children are incredibly low risk, hence why their age groups have been chosen to return to school. It's entirely up to you what you do of course but I'd try sending them back. You can always pull them out again if you get too worried.

INeedNewShoes Wed 27-May-20 08:00:26

It's unlikely anything will happen to your children. The risk is more to the parents I think, contracting the virus while dropping off/picking up the children.

I am asthmatic but have made the decision to take DD back to nursery next week if she can go. She is missing out on such a lot not being there. Luckily she is easily entertained with jigsaws/drawing/bricks inside and pottering outside but I really feel that social interaction with her peers is important, especially as an only child. Also her nursery are fantastic at doing engaging activities that I just don't have as much time to do as I'm a single parent working from home.

riolou Wed 27-May-20 08:01:39

@Ginfilledcats thanks hun I'm thinking the same , only thing I'm waiting for is eldest school hasn't actually said his year group is going back yet 2 eldest nursery have said they will be back 2 week of june IF there ready and it's safe enough . They have been crying to see there friends and play at nursery

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Foobydoo Wed 27-May-20 08:03:44

I think you need to personally assess the risk to your family.
I am not sending dd when her year goes back as I am vulnerable and boths sets of grandparents are in the extremely vulnerable sheilding group. I don't want to risk her bringing the virus home. She is very low risk so I am not worried about her as such.

riolou Wed 27-May-20 08:06:23

No one in our home have any health conditions that we know of.

We live on our own , dps mum is a nurse I don't see my parents so I just don't no what to do I'm scared if I don't no any of us have health conditions

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MindyStClaire Wed 27-May-20 08:11:32

I have a two year old, she's coped better than I'd expected with all this but she's still showing signs of really needing more socialisation than just her parents. We're in NI so no dates yet for childcare, but we'll be sending her as soon as her nursery is open. I'm vulnerable as are all grandparents (who don't live locally but we see every couple of weeks during normal times) but no one is shielding in our family.

DominaShantotto Wed 27-May-20 08:18:28

Mine is going back as vulnerable because her mental health and language (she has a speech delay) has regressed so much we are very concerned about the impact this is all having on her. Her year group isn’t one down to return so she’s going back on those grounds as she needs the social interaction basically.

I was initially very jumpy over the virus as were nearly lost her to pneumonia a few years ago now, but as more has come out about the virus and transmission has fallen so much, I’ve decided the risk is at a level I’m personally ok with. I figure there was much more danger when they were in school before the closures and lockdown and we weren’t too worried back then!

It’s a personal line where you’re happy to take the risk and that’s mine.

riolou Wed 27-May-20 08:31:20

It's such a big decision I've never had to make one like this in my life it's bloody awful!

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INeedNewShoes Wed 27-May-20 08:55:09

I struggle with decisions as well. It has helped me to think that I'm just following the nursery/government decisions. Nursery is open so DD will go.

I don't actually blindly follow what I'm told but I'm just using that thought to help shoulder the responsibility of the decision.

DD's little friend has been attending all through lockdown and I've been in regular contact with DD's keyworker who has worked there throughout. There have been no cases in the families of these children. I find this massively reassuring.

Ginfilledcats Wed 27-May-20 11:27:20

My niece and nephew have gone to school/nursery the whole time as both their parents work for the police. One is a bobby on the streets seeing the public and gets the train into work. None of them have had so much as a sniffle at all. The chances of your child becoming sick are so minuscule, and if they do, they'll most likely just be ill at home and recover.

Perhaps do a pro/con list to help?

Buzzfrightyears Wed 27-May-20 11:30:33

My sons nursery and school have remained open to key workers throughout and have had no cases of coronavirus in the children or staff looking after them. The majority of the children have parents working in hospitals, doctor surgeries etc. I also find this massively reassuring. However, I’m having treatment for agoraphobia and contamination OCD and I’m also terrified!

riolou Thu 28-May-20 09:44:48

Anyone else have any views on this?

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