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Nursery return and no other kids

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user1488819536 Wed 27-May-20 04:50:11

i had decided to send my toddler back to nursery next week but have now discovered that until mid June he will be with one other or on his own all day for three days a week. Would you still send him ? I was sending him back for company with other children but this won't be the case until the middle of June.
I work full time with horses and I've taken him with me every day since lock down. I don't know what to do and would I be out of order to contact them and say I've changed my mind?

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twinnywinny14 Wed 27-May-20 07:03:50

Tbh if you don’t need the childcare and are happy to take him then I wouldn’t send him. If he hinders your work then I would send him, but perhaps not for as many days

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