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Does anyone else feel like a doom monger?

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Redolent Tue 26-May-20 19:32:20

Constantly warning people about the virus while they’re going about their merry way. Like my mum’s family who have met with three different households over the past few days – but it’s okay because they’ve all been supposedly self-isolating (even though they’ve gone about to supermarkets, petrol stations et cetera). My brother and his family/young children are over there now and they’re all having a great time, and telling me that I’m missing out, while I’m the miserable one warning of the second wave and that it’s not over yet.

‘It’s been long enough, life has to go back to normal’ they’re now saying. Toddler DC also hasn’t seen anybody other than her parents for months so it feels doubly frustrating, and yet supposedly in my hands because my isolation is self-inflicted. Even though my husband is in a risky category (though not shielding).

I don’t want to feel vindicated, I want all of them to stay healthy. But my gut and the low says it’s irresponsible so I’m not compromising. I guess we’ll just have to remain alone and supposedly miserable for a while yet.

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