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Moving forward - how do you see your summer?

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ifonly4 Tue 26-May-20 14:47:50

A. You'll fully embrace the restrictions and do everything we're allowed, kids back to school, shopping trip soon, holiday, seeing as many friends as possible, people visisting your home (assuming we can do all of these)

B. A bit more cautious, carry on food shopping as you have been but avoid other shops unless essential, go out on walking trips with your family rather than join the crowds on a beach/a local beauty spot, would prefer to see friends outside for now, not sure what to think about kids going back to school/going on holiday

C. You're nervous and will only go out for essential trips and work, and won't see many friends/family for now

Just wondering how others see their summer:

I'm B

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GlubGlubGlub Tue 26-May-20 14:48:37


ItsNow Tue 26-May-20 14:48:42

A - and I can't wait

Kmxxx14 Tue 26-May-20 14:49:06


Br1ll1ant Tue 26-May-20 14:49:07


Eggybreadleg Tue 26-May-20 14:49:32


Waxonwaxoff0 Tue 26-May-20 14:49:43

A. Whatever I'm allowed to do I'll be doing.

sherbetmelon Tue 26-May-20 14:49:49


usernamenotavailable2 Tue 26-May-20 14:49:52


slipperywhensparticus Tue 26-May-20 14:50:15

I've ordered a skip apart from that I've not really thought much into it

Igglepigglesgrubbyblanket Tue 26-May-20 14:51:11

Depends but probably A. I won't go to crowded places or see vulnerable friends and family, but I can't wait to hang out with a few friends and their kids

TokyoSushi Tue 26-May-20 14:52:53

A with a bit of B. I expect it'll be quieter than it usually is with regards to seeing other people. Some will be more cautious than others.

I'm planning to send the DC back to school when it's offered and will visit shops as usual when they are open. The only thing that will put me off shops is the relentless queueing. If it continues to take quite to so long to get into each and every shop then I expect that much more of my shopping will be online.

We have a UK holiday booked at the end of August and if it's possible to go then we will. We'll go to pubs and restaurants when they open as well.

Awrite Tue 26-May-20 14:53:12


However, I'm in Scotland and lockdown is easing at a slower pace.

bengalcat Tue 26-May-20 14:53:51

A mixture of A and B - will not be having people round but will meet them outside / in a bar bit like normal really . Hoping to go on holiday to Iceland if tour still going . Fingers crossed UK 14 day quarantine on return from abroad won’t last long . We’ll see .

MigGril Tue 26-May-20 14:57:40

Well judging by how the British public have been acting so far I see many doing A and us all ending up in a second lock down due to another peak.

I prefer if everyone went with B then maybe we could all stay a bit free for longer. But I don't see it happening. I'm going to go with B not do anything to rash stay away from anywhere to crowded and hope against the odds that it doesn't happen. But that's unlikely.

PrimalLass Tue 26-May-20 14:58:38


We live in a seaside village and I can't wait for my kids to have a free and fun summer.

SunbathingDragon Tue 26-May-20 14:58:39

B/C but my circle of close friends are all on the frontline in the NHS so likely to be working all hours or else they are high risk and shielding (same with family). I’ve also always hated supermarket shopping and been a big fan of buying online. In all honesty, except for not seeing friends and family, very little else has changed for me.

PrimalLass Tue 26-May-20 14:59:25

Though my life is more like B most of the time, tbh.

ComtesseDeSpair Tue 26-May-20 15:01:04

Group A. There’s no reason not to be: I’m not in a vulnerable group, I don’t know anyone in a vulnerable group and current stats show I’ve pretty much exactly the same chance of dying from coronavirus as I do dying at any point in the next year.

Once restrictions are relaxed friends and I will be planning a summer of UK campervan trips and country house breaks rather than our usual abroad holidays; there will be far more park picnics and garden parties than pub gatherings; and I’d like to continue seeing more people one-on-one sometimes rather than always in large groups; but everyone I know is set on returning to life more or less as before.

Frlrlrubert Tue 26-May-20 15:01:44


I'll be back at work, DD back to nursery, will probably see some family, but won't be going into Primark or on holiday or to soft play I don't think.

Bol87 Tue 26-May-20 15:16:44

A/B also. DD back in nursery, hopefully seeing family & a few friends if allowed. A ‘holiday’ to my in-laws who live near the beach would be nice. But I won’t be going shopping, mostly because I have two young kids and the queues will be incredibly annoying & time consuming. Both clothe shopping & food. We’ve always had deliveries anyway to save time! Not sure how I feel about soft play.. my DD bloody loves them but they are germ pits! I’d be happy taking her swimming if the local pool opens..

floppyhare Tue 26-May-20 15:19:35

C is my normal life so probably that.

Deelish75 Tue 26-May-20 15:22:33

B - in June - early July

Then depending on how things go I'm hoping to be up to start doing A in July .

Hollyhead Tue 26-May-20 15:23:49

A/B - I'm happy for the kids to go back to school, but I won't be rushing to tourist spots! I would like one trip to John Lewis once it opens but I won't be visiting non essential shops very often. We'll probably use our holiday budget through the autumn on long weekends now.

ferretface Tue 26-May-20 15:23:53


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