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Garden parties and BBQs idea

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Heartonsleeve23 Tue 26-May-20 13:38:35

I’m genuinely trying to get my head around if this is actually announced, what about toilet trips?!

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Floatyboat Tue 26-May-20 13:40:00

That's what compost heaps are for

User7764217 Tue 26-May-20 13:45:29

If we were going to go to one we would go to a very local one so we could jump in the car and drive home to use the toilet. We don’t have any friends or family close by enough to walk there and back it busting for the toilet.

Luckily for my husband I don’t drink!!!

Mintjulia Tue 26-May-20 13:49:15

I’m planning birthday drinks in the garden for my neighbours 3rd weekend in June.

I have enough space for eight people properly distanced, anyone needing the loo can nip back home and people can bring their own wine & glass or drink the bottled cider/beer/soft drinks provided by me. Basically music, drinks conversation and chill out.

I’m going to do basic clearing up afterwards just so nothing can blow away, otherwise leave it all for 72 hours.

Now I need is some nice weather and the govt to relax lockdown a little more. If we have to postpone, then we’ll postpone. But it’s nice to plan.

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