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Dominic Cummings wow what a coincidence!!

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allfalldown47 Tue 26-May-20 09:27:51

Just that really, see pic attached.
He really needs to go.

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Mrsjayy Tue 26-May-20 09:30:33

These are not new facts but yes he needs to go but he won't because Boris is unable to function without him, Dominic runs the tory party.

allfalldown47 Tue 26-May-20 09:33:13

Apologies, totally new to me. I'm staggered.

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pfrench Tue 26-May-20 09:33:42

Thank goodness we are away from all those EU unelected burocrats.

JingleCatJingle Tue 26-May-20 09:34:55

His sister is also a director of the company that made the track and trace app.

Mrsjayy Tue 26-May-20 09:37:18

His sister is also a director of the company that made the track and trace app.

Good god keep it in the family eh. OP I said facts I meant rumours obviouslywink

JingleCatJingle Tue 26-May-20 09:39:51

wonderrotunda Tue 26-May-20 09:41:55

@ JingleCatJingle do you recall where you read’s pretty damning but I can’t seem to find it (before I share the news!)

LarkDescending Tue 26-May-20 09:50:55

Way too many coincidences!

But why do people keep saying Alice Cummings is his sister? As far as I know Francesca is his only sibling.

JingleCatJingle Tue 26-May-20 09:55:02

I saw it on Twitter, while I can’t find news on the internet about the company creating the test and track app, it does appear that Idox has been involved in a lot of NHS It work.
It seems like an interesting coincidence.

Noextremes2017 Tue 26-May-20 09:56:19

Wow - so Cummings sister is a high flying Chartered Accountant - or seems to think she is anyway.

With her huge portfolio of business responsibilities it is surprising she was identified as the ideal candidate for child care. I expect she was more used to using it herself.........

JimMaxwellantheshippingforcast Tue 26-May-20 09:56:31

I didn't think Alice Cummings was his sister

LarkDescending Tue 26-May-20 09:58:15

She was born in November 1963 according to Companies House.

Cummings’ parents didn’t marry until 1970, according to FreeBMD.

Perhaps she is related but apparently not a sister.

CallmeAngelina Tue 26-May-20 10:00:36

But according to Gove on bbc breakfast this morning, he saw no relevance to the fact there were birthdays on both those days! angry

LovingitlikeTHIS Tue 26-May-20 10:00:38

That's not his sister, his sister is Francesca and she was born in 1975.

Smartcasual Tue 26-May-20 10:01:34

I commented on this yesterday on another thread.

I gather that the Alice Cummings who works for the trace and track app is not his sister who is called Francesca.

Mrsjayy Tue 26-May-20 10:02:32

Michael Gove is a clown !

LarkDescending Tue 26-May-20 10:04:09

I suggest (all from public records - nothing confidential) that Alice is the Alice S L Banks who married Russell Cummings in Exeter in 1991.

Destroyedpeople Tue 26-May-20 10:06:55

Did you know that glaxo smith kline
Is based in Barnard castle? Two days after Cummings mytserious visit there gsk signed a contract with a French company to produce a covid 19 vaccine . Yet if dc had been there on official govt business then he wd have said. Unless there is some very shady dealing going on.

Barbie222 Tue 26-May-20 10:09:22

It's not the main base, but the r and d base.

It is suspicious that the Barnard Castle visit was the most backfilled part of the story.

justanotherneighinparadise Tue 26-May-20 10:09:30

He’s position really is untenable isn’t it. What a tool.

Maria1921 Tue 26-May-20 10:10:29

I spotted this doing the rounds today.

MockersxxxxxxxSocialDistancing Tue 26-May-20 10:14:05

Faisal Islam (BBC Economics Editor) on Twitter very interesting on Cummings apparently going back and re-editing his blogs to fit his cover story about being opposed to herd immunity.

"It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen."

Govt. also re-editing its own videos to remove now embarrassing advice.

CallmeAngelina Tue 26-May-20 10:20:44

I thought Robert Peston's facial contortions during his turn at questioning were interesting. As was his specific question about whether he was absolutely sure he hadn't been anywhere else at all during that time. He glanced over at his colleagues with almost a smirk, as if he was setting DC up to fail, when evidence comes out (maybe) that he did in fact go elsewhere.
I think he was late to the briefing because he was told last minute that there was evidence about something he had been going to deny, so had to re-do his account.
His whole demeanour fell apart when questioned and he started blustering, a likely sign of a liar (and not a very good one).

Barbie222 Tue 26-May-20 10:30:58

Yes I thought Peston's demeanour was interesting. I think the bit of the story that least holds water was the trip to Barnard Castle, the walk on his fathers property, and his child's trip by ambulance.

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