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Have Sainsbury's stopped the one adult at a time thing?

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PanicOnTheStreets85 Tue 26-May-20 07:53:04

I went to Sainsbury's yesterday and had to queue for about half an hour. There were lots of couples going in together. There was even a group in front of me in the queue of 5 adults and 2 children all together and paying no attention to social distancing. When they got to the front of the line I thought the staff member would ask some of them to wait outside, but instead she just meekly pleaded with them to observe social distancing whilst inside. Seconds before she did this one of the group called noticed another shopper passing by who he recognised and fist-bumped him!

Is this why the queues are getting so long at my local shop all of a sudden? It's a pain to queue for so long but it's our nearest supermarket. Should I complain?

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PanicOnTheStreets85 Tue 26-May-20 07:55:05

Sorry that should have said Seconds before she did this one of the group noticed another shopper passing by who he recognised and fist-bumped him!

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20viona Tue 26-May-20 07:56:42

Everyone just does what they want in supermarkets at the moment people seem to be 2m apart outside but once inside it's a free for all. Idiots.

Finfintytint Tue 26-May-20 08:01:38

DH has done all the shopping since lockdown and he has noticed a big difference in the last couple of weeks. Many couples and families are shopping together.

Carlislemumof4 Tue 26-May-20 10:18:43

Our Sainsburys are definitely letting more in at a time than a week or two ago. Previously I expected the queuing system to be in place for the long term but I wondered after I went on Saturday if they're about to abandon it.

I haven't been wearing a mask so far but have bought some and and am going to ensure I have a face covering with me. I wonder once schools go back, most shops open, more people return to work how practical it would be to keep the queuing systems for shops in place.

I've been going to the supermarket alone, leaving DCs with DH but not everyone can do that and in the coming weeks expect to pop on masks and get out and about more as normal with DCs I think.

Wafflehouse Tue 26-May-20 10:44:07

In the beginning the message was to stay at home, except for exercise and to shop for essentials and then it was easy to enforce/encourage the one adult per shop but now the message has changed, admittedly not all over the U.K. but the message from the top is not stay at home anymore. With very few places open yet people will be using this as an excuse to get the kids out of the house and there’s very little that those of us that work in the supermarkets can do. People don’t seem to realise that if they come in as a group and stay as a group they take up a lot of the aisle and no one can move past them. I was doing a quick shop after work last week and due to the number of groups blocking different aisles it took me 40 minutes to get round, my store is small.

Trust me, we don’t like it either but when you try to tell customers why we’d prefer to keep the numbers down or ask them to step back to authorise anything on a self checkout, they do look at you as though you’ve got 10 heads.

Deelish75 Tue 26-May-20 12:42:53

Not been in store recently but I've notice delivery and C&C slots are going very quickly again whereas a few weeks ago there did seem to be slots in abundance where I live.

Redolent Tue 26-May-20 12:45:28

I’ve always found Sainsbury’s chaotic inside, more than any other supermarket. No trolley cleaning stations either.

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