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Shops, schools... Childcare

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HunterHearstHelmsley Mon 25-May-20 20:26:15

Its looking as though most shops will open up on the 15th, with car showrooms on the 1st. How is this going to work with childcare? I can't imagine that somewhere like a car showroom has enough staff to furlough whilst also having enough staff in. Same goes for a small shop.

I'm sure this has been done before but I'm baffled.

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GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Mon 25-May-20 20:27:43

Childcare is also reopening on June 1st...

HunterHearstHelmsley Mon 25-May-20 20:28:40

All childcare?

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HunterHearstHelmsley Mon 25-May-20 20:29:51

Everything I have read states differently.

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porktangle Mon 25-May-20 20:30:41

People will pile on you saying school isn't childcare etc but in reality, parents mould their working patterns around children being in school and other wraparound care.

This presumably will be a big push to get schools and childcare provisions well open mid June and get the retail sector off furlough.

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Mon 25-May-20 20:31:55

Childminders, nurseries, nannies....

Lucywilde Mon 25-May-20 20:33:30

Interesting how lots of car companies are needing bail outs and then car show rooms are opening up.

I’m very confused about all of it now. I’ve completely lost faith in the government. And I’m not sure where I can find some decent independent science.

Uhoh2020 Mon 25-May-20 20:37:56

Surely this is not a surprise for people and could foresee this coming........why the sudden panic for child care now? Where people really expecting everywhere to stay closed until school was fully open again hmm

Bananacentral Mon 25-May-20 20:42:23

Our nursery has been shut since lockdown (even for families like us who are both keyworkers)

They aren’t reopening 1st June and haven’t given a date they are opening.

No other nurseries within 12 mile radius open.

As it’s privately run the govt can’t force them to open.

We are trying to do full time keyworker jobs (healthcare) while juggling childcare between us/taking leave.

You are absolutely right, how are families going to manage returning to work without childcare/nursery/school?

It seems a bit like a catch 22, childcare are concerned about opening, therefore not, people are being asked to go to work, but can’t, because their childcare isn’t open?...

AhGoGo Mon 25-May-20 20:45:41


I find this take interesting. The idea people should have just figured it out by now.
When I lived in London (pre pandemic era) there was such a shortage of childcare people were putting themselves on multiple waiting lists when they were pregnant and still not getting a spot until they were 2/3 if we all.

Where is all this additional childcare coming from?

I’m sure the isn’t a new panic, more of a steady concern which is going to peak now because there is a very real return to work for a lot of people with a still very hazy childcare situation.

cheninblanc Mon 25-May-20 20:46:35

People will there send their children to school... Meaning we've made the decision to open the schools not them. My daughter is already in school but for those that weren't they'll be forced back of their own decision not the governments

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Mon 25-May-20 20:50:00

I do find lots of people are very ‘problem focussed’. I’m not really sure why but people’s mindset seems to be a bit reversed. Where are all your ideas for solutions? It’s all very negative and constantly expecting others to come up with solutions to your problems. Real life and on here I mean. You/ your being in general rather than specific posters.

Uhoh2020 Mon 25-May-20 20:54:14

@AhGoGo I have no idea where the child care is coming from but from the many previous threads about this many where expecting to be furloughed indefinitely until it suits them, shocked and surprised when their employers ask them to return. The gov set out the initial plans weeks ago for other businesses to re open so why the panic now.

MoreW1ne Mon 25-May-20 20:59:56

Obviously these forums are going to have a big focus on this but not everyone is going to need childcare to go to work.

There are plenty of workers (or those prepared to take a job) that do not have a child needing childcare and schools will be gradually expanding numbers. Most secondary students can likely be left for periods as well.

Also when the schools go back with greater numbers, I'll be completely dropping lock down as I'm sure loads of others will, so families can support. If it's safe for schools its safe for most things. Hopefully the pubs, gyms etc. will quickly follow!

Llamapolice Mon 25-May-20 21:03:15

@GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat but we're all limited by the legs stipulations around childcare. Childminders and nurseries have to be registered with OFSTED. In my area the nurseries are still closed and the childminders are full. It's not as if I can get together with a few other mums and ask some random person to look after our children, even if I wanted to, that person would be acting illegally. So where's the scope for creativity?

Discobar Mon 25-May-20 21:04:59

Could we see people who can't work due to bo childcare/holiday clubs just being laid off and replaced with those that can? Jesus

Older family will be at greater risk so will continue to shield.

Going to be very messy this

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Mon 25-May-20 21:07:51

I’m a childminder and have 6 children in my books usually. Only 1 is returning on June 1st so I have vacancies to help out temporarily at the moment. I haven’t had a single enquiry for childcare to cover them for a few weeks. (I’ve had a permanent one for September for a min returning from maternity).

In usual times I would have lots of enquiries for the usual September ‘rush’. So actually I don’t think a lot of people are trying, no.

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Mon 25-May-20 21:08:26

Apologies for typos!

Uhoh2020 Mon 25-May-20 21:10:23

I think that the re opening of more places will tie in with them announcing that you can mix with 1/2 other house holds so that will help some (granted not all) with child care. They wont announce that just yet though as people will just start to mix from now instead of from around the 15th

CatToddlerUprising Mon 25-May-20 21:14:29

My CM is closed for the foreseeable. Have tried every one that is open in the area (we’re key workers) and no one has spaces. Don’t know what I’m going to do.

bigchris Mon 25-May-20 21:18:58


One of you would have to be furloughed I imagine

Nosurveysneeded Mon 25-May-20 21:20:15

If the unions and the teachers don't want to work because they don't think it's safe then how can they open the schools?

bigchris Mon 25-May-20 21:23:15

Schools have been open all along

The majority are back 1st June for the 3 year groups stated ( primary )

Uhoh2020 Mon 25-May-20 21:25:37

@big furlough for child care is an option available to the employer to offer it's not something the employee can request with guarantee of it being granted. Its not as simple as one of you will have to be furloughed if your employer needs you in work for the business to run then they need you back. Imagine how many businesses would go under if everyone with children were furloughed and given that employers will need to contribute to the furlough payments its unlikely many will offer it for child care reasons especially if they actually need you in doing your job

happystone Mon 25-May-20 21:26:30

Just get child care from your family. Just be creative, and do what don did. You will be a good parent.

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