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Has anyone actually stuck to the rules?

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AquaSun Mon 25-May-20 19:23:20

I can honestly say I have abided by every rule set from the government however my friends and family are not sticking to the rules at all, they're going to the overcrowded beaches, having BBQ's and visiting each other.

I'm not here to have a go or argue against it. I'm just interested to see whether the people sticking to the rules are the minority now.

I'm finding it very confusing and have autism so sticking to rules is extremely important to me, just wondering whether there are others who haven't seen family, who's DC haven't seen their Dads etc.

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PumpkinP Mon 25-May-20 19:26:37

Ive stuck to them until now, I said on another thread that I don’t know a single person sticking to the rules (which is true) and got told I must be lying hmm

siblingrevelryagain Mon 25-May-20 19:28:51

I’m sticking to them and my parents are (they’re shielding as my Dad has cancer & can no longer have his chemo).

I think most of my friends are too, as well as my colleagues (unless people aren’t telling me the truth)

Apinchofsalt Mon 25-May-20 19:29:16

Yes. I’ve been furloughed for 8 weeks now and I’ve been out once a week to shop in one shop. If I can’t get what I want I buy something else or go without. We won’t starve!
I’ve been nowhere else at all. I’ve spoken to friends and family daily on the phone and pottered about at home. That’s it. I have a teenager here who has been out every day for an hour or so walking the fields behind our house. I’ve not found it hard at all.

SunshineCake Mon 25-May-20 19:31:28

We have all stuck to the rules. DD was in tears today as finding it hard and I won't take her to see a friend. I may reconsider if she stops being a stroppy madam but I can't risk us getting ill again so if is really hard.

Most of our neighbours appear to except for the two sets I knew wouldn't and one couple wheee the husband was ambulances away from home and in hospital for days hmm.

Waxonwaxoff0 Mon 25-May-20 19:31:40

I've broken them by meeting up with more than one person for a walk. I haven't been to anyone's house though.

concernedforthefuture Mon 25-May-20 19:31:47

We have. I (alone) have left the village once a week to get groceries. We don't have a village shop so I've been buying a week's worth at a time and making do without anything that runs out (great news for the budget / bank account smile). DH has still been going out to work but he works alone and outdoors. We've been out for a family walk most days (we live rurally so rarely see anyone).

YellowTelevision Mon 25-May-20 19:36:18

I broke the rules on 3 days when I went for a walk with dc and then later on I went for a run. That’s it though

MangoM Mon 25-May-20 19:44:05

We've stuck to the rules.

DH does a weekly shop alone once a week. I manage to get out for a walk most days.

That's pretty much it. I haven't set foot in a building other than my own home nor used the car since mid March.

Trevsadick Mon 25-May-20 19:49:14

I stuck to the rules. Or rather guidlines.

I did not stock the made up ones tbat appeared on here and, other social media though

Somerville Mon 25-May-20 19:52:14

Stuck to the rules even when I had a decent reason not to, because I felt that if I showed a bad example to my teenagers it would open the floodgates to behaviour like some of their friends were encouraging. Unfortunately Cummings has done that now anyway, so tomorrow they're off out and goodness knows how little social distancing will occur.

PuzzledObserver Mon 25-May-20 19:52:38

The only slight bending of the rules I may have done was driving to our solicitors to deliver some urgent papers rather than trusting to the post, as it had got very unreliable. It was a detour on the way home from an essential (work) journey, and I combined it with a supermarket shop on the way home.

Other than that - I have only left the house for exercise, essential shopping or work-related activity which couldn’t be done from home (like, twice). Oh, and to give blood. I have paused from a safe distance to chat briefly with people I know when I encountered them by chance. That’s it.

No deliberate meeting up with people. Only started going out for exercise more than once a day or pausing on a bench once we were officially permitted to do it.

PhoneLock Mon 25-May-20 19:54:52

Yes, we have stuck to the rules/guidelines/whatever.

Ohchristmastreeohchristmastree Mon 25-May-20 19:54:58

I’ve stuck to the rules. Apart from one time I walked my dog twice in one day! Not planning on stopping sticking to the rules either.

marplemead Mon 25-May-20 19:57:39

We've stuck to the rules. We have a regular delivery slot, so haven't had to leave the house to go food shopping.

As teachers we are mainly working from home, but I've had to be in school when I've been on the rota.

We go out for a walk 1-2 times a week. We don't have any family nearby, but have had friends with children who've asked to meet for a socially distanced walk. We've declined because there is no way the children would keep their distance.

We haven't seen our family since lockdown, and know that some of them have met up. It doesn't really bother me, though DH is starting to think we shouldn't be so strict about the rules, if other people aren't following them.

CoodleMoodle Mon 25-May-20 20:02:32

Yep. Been to Sainsbury's once and the Coop a couple of times, other than that we've had deliveries or C&C (plenty of slots where we are). DH and I have been to the pharmacy once each.

First four or so weeks the kids didn't go out at all, then we started going for a daily walk in the area. We've recently started going to the various fields around us, they're mostly empty. We haven't seen anybody we know, in any capacity.

thaegumathteth Mon 25-May-20 20:04:19

Yes we have.

A few of my friends on Facebook have had 'socially distant cuppas' in their gardens with other people though. One has driven 500 miles to pick up a kitten too.

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Mon 25-May-20 20:05:05

Yes, but I haven’t really been challenged iyswim, because my parents and siblings live a long way off.
I don’t judge people who have cracked and sat in their mum’s garden or whatever.

MadameMarie Mon 25-May-20 20:05:35

Abided by all the rules with the exception of taking the dog out twice a day for a walk.

sleepyhead Mon 25-May-20 20:07:28

Yes 100% and so have most people I know.

Toilenstripes Mon 25-May-20 20:09:19

Yes, my DH and I have. Although we did attend Fils funeral after he died from Covid in early April. Six family members for a much beloved family man and active member of the community. There would normally have been over a hundred, but the cards We received were very touching indeed.

YahBasic Mon 25-May-20 20:09:30

We inadvertently broke them once, we took drinks round to sit on the pavement at a neighbours for VE Day and didn’t realise they had invited others round and we’re having a bbq.

I found it so uncomfortable that we’ve made our excuses when they’ve since invited us round.

Haven’t seen my family since January (was due to see them the week we went into lockdown). Luckily me and DH like each other.

Billyjoearmstrong Mon 25-May-20 20:10:40

Yes, we have 100%

usernamenotavailable2 Mon 25-May-20 20:14:35

Not now, no.

CountryCasual Mon 25-May-20 20:15:11

I did until last week.
I had a baby 10 weeks ago and can’t not have access to a loo right now. I felt the ‘you can only meet in public areas- but we’re not opening any facilities’ was awfully discriminatory and completely unmanageable for someone in my position.

My DM only lives 20 mins away so she’s been coming and sitting in my garden.
It is a total farce though, I like in a ‘naice’ rural commuter village and there’s been a lot of hypocrisy.

Religious clapping of the NHS and excessive displays of ‘shielding’ and community volunteering...followed by street parties allowing their tipsy teenagers to play fight and sharing cocktails with each other.

I really don’t blame people for thinking ‘sod it’ at this point. It’s the elderly and vulnerable who will suffer but people can’t stay locked away forever, they just can’t. It would make much more sense to allow those in non vulnerable groups to go about their regular business and focus all the extra resources on keeping elderly/vulnerable isolated and well provided for.

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