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Petition against D.C.

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Oxyiz Mon 25-May-20 11:24:43

Well I've signed anyway. I don't think it will have an impact but at least there's a log somewhere of how pissed off many of us are.

CovidicusRex Mon 25-May-20 11:22:11

Why? It’s not like this is not going to be brought up in parliament.

LemonyCupcake Mon 25-May-20 10:26:05

They must think we are all completely thick

ArriettyJones Mon 25-May-20 10:24:28

Give it another day or two. I don’t think he can hang on.

goldpendant Mon 25-May-20 09:40:55

@ArriettyJones I'm amazed but he seems to be hanging in there and they are wheeling out the schools message to chipper us all along. Outrageous

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LemonyCupcake Mon 25-May-20 09:39:49

So hope he and Boris are made to go

ArriettyJones Mon 25-May-20 09:39:19

I don’t think it will be needed, TBH.

goldpendant Mon 25-May-20 09:38:37

There's a petition on to get DC out. Appalling behaviour by all in government.

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